Highlights from the 2014 Obtainium Cup!!

Here are some highlights from the third annual Obtainium Cup Contraptors’ Rally held on Mare Island this past Sunday. It was a day of Steam Punk madness that shall live in infamy!!!

Once again, the VIB news van, cameraman Marcellus Kane and VIB editor Marc Garman were there to provide rolling video coverage. And VIB’s roving field photographer Angelo Paparazzi captured the moment in stunning stills. For the posteriority…for the post teutonic gearstronomic stress, for the sheer fun of it in Vallejo!

Video By Garmani and Kane Photos by Angelo Paparazzi

Remember to view FULL SCREEN by clicking the little widget in the lower right of each media window.


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  1. August 6, 2014 @ 2:18 pm Ravi Shankar


    That is yet another great 2014 story of an emerging, improving, people empowered City taking charge of its community, building gardens, engaging citizens, sharing better nutrition, reducing crime, improving or greening our parks/open spaces, encourage composting/recycling more, demonstrating peaceful cooperation and getting better accountability from our elected council = improved returns for our tax dollars.

    To me, among other things, it means deeply connecting and working with our neighbors and like-minded volunteers who all want/contribute for a BETTER VALLEJO. Therefore, I chose to dedicate my garden box at St.Vinnies Community Garden as follows:-

    1) In Loving Memory of my: Wife, PEGGY SHANKAR; Parents, LALITA/CHANDRA
    In-Laws, GLADYS/DAN

    2) In Honor of our: PB-Pioneer, MARTI BROWN; PB-Staff GINNY, ASEEM, ALEA, WILL, ALYSSA
    In Deep Gratitude of our PB Volunteers/Voters who are making VALLEJO BETTER !

    3) In Honor of our Community Garden Stars: KATHY B., LISA.MARIE G., VILMA A., TOM L.,
    4) Dedicated to Vallejo’s Inspiring Youth: LINETTE G., JACOB S., ISAEH B., JENNY A.
    & My Grand-Nephew/Niece ROSHAN/MAYA and all the Children who Volunteer@SVCG !

    5) In Honor of our Inspiring Community Leaders/Seniors: D.G. CHRISTIAN. CARMAN & JANE F.


  2. August 6, 2014 @ 7:49 pm wharf rat

    WoW …. Well said … yes ther are some Exceptional Indivuadials , and many , beyond definition , in fact some , are beyond , true Definition , and might in fact , be , Actual ,, real PEOPLE ,,, …. Looking back 30 years or so …..Our Council member Barbara , was wayyy ahead of Her time , and , stood up tall and proud For Her Community …To the Chargrin of an enscounced old Good Boys network …. tHE bARBARA AND tERRY
    SHOWES WERE EPIC ,,, Barbara never gave an inch , whileTerry , had a Tiger by the tail , and had to defend, His piss ass poor position ,, Most often Being , slayed by evolved Women of Vallejo !!! … God
    knowes He took His Knocks , if not flesh wounds ….


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