Cayangyang in by a Nose Hair in School Board Cliffhanger

With all of the Provisional ballots counted for Districts 1&2 Ruscal Cayangyang is in 4th place by 3 votes. Unless there are Vallejo voters who went to Districts 3, 4 or 5 to vote  Cayangyang is expected to be declared the 4th place winner.

Unless Hazel‘s campaign committee is willing to pay about $3,000 a day there will not be a recount. According to Assistant Registrar of Voters John Gardner a recount would only apply in this instance if the 3rd and 4th place votes are very close, which is not the case in this election. For School Board three people are to be elected. The top 3 vote getters Ubalade,Porter and Worel will be certified by the Registrar of Voters  December 2nd

Dr. Porter who is a Vallejo School District employee has said he will not take the School Board position and will withdraw officially on December 2nd . The School District Board can either call for a special election or appoint someone.   Soon to be appointed Board Member Burky Worel prior to the final results said he prefers the 4 th place vote getter be Porter’s replacement.  Things could get very interesting if the Board does not appoint Cayangyang .


Nov 20th 456PM TOTAL percent POLL by mail Provisional
Ubalde 8131 15.80% 2248 5479 404
Porter 7530 14.63% 2147 5008 375
Worel 6934 13.47% 1853 4874 207
Ruscal 6534 12.69% 1733 4558 243
Wilson 6531 12.69% 1953 4253 325
Pucan 5632 10.94% 1609 3829 194
Looughmiller 5316 10.33% 1492 3642 182
Lewis 5316 9.00% 1230 3209 196
Measure E YES 61.50%


Left to count

                          Sup 1 Sup 2 Sup 3 Sup 4 Sup 5 Total
Provisional              0 0 8 65 676 749


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  1. SilasBarnabe

    November 20, 2014 @ 9:17 pm SilasBarnabe

    3 votes? More than what got Ozz elected!


  2. November 20, 2014 @ 10:32 pm Doug

    If the School Board chooses not to support the will of the voters, (4th place ticket) they will unleash a wrath the likes of which they would regret. The public will not be silent nor still. I believe the Board will find their way to do the right thing.


  3. November 21, 2014 @ 5:45 am Anonymous

    Cayangyang must have a heavy-hitting lawyer on standby. Cayangyang and the lawyer must show up at the next School Board meeting when the Board is scheduled to swear in the new members. Any funny business from the Board or Wilson or Ramona happens, Cayangyang’s lawyer will be there to catch them in the act.


    • November 21, 2014 @ 8:00 pm BREAKING NEWS CAYANGYANG UP BY 2 VOTES

      With ALL provisional ballots counted Ruscal Cayangyang remains in 4th place by TWO(2) votes.
      Ruscal picked up an additional two votes today while Wilson picked up 3 votes.
      Cayangyang 6,536
      Wilson 6,534

      The question is whether the School Board will do right thing and appoint the 4th place winner (Ruscal) .


      • November 22, 2014 @ 7:10 am Anon What boggles my mind is why so many people voted for Hazel?


        • November 22, 2014 @ 8:29 am Bong Hit

          There’s a grand irony here that’s so unfortunate and sad it’s hard to believe. Hazel, Bishop and many of the black families of Vallejo think black students need protection. They believe black administrators and black board members are necessary to protect their “babies” from a system that might be prejudicial or too “white”. They cling to this belief here on the local level, despite a track record of failure on the part Hazel, while at the national level President Obama has very likely sealed the fate of millions of black workers. Once 4, 5, 6, 10 million Hispanic workers are given SSN’s and work permits they will take jobs at the low and mid end of the economy. The potential for black workers to get welding jobs, truck driving, janitor, plumber jobs took a tremendous hit yesterday. It really does break my heart to see black Americans suffer defeat after defeat. What in the world is God doing to these people, what grave sins have they committed to deserve such misery and deceit from their leadership?


        • November 22, 2014 @ 8:44 am rocketman

          Why did so many vote for Wilson?!! You’ve got to be kidding. It’s because she’s black, and the black bloc vote in this town is really something to see. Blacks are the biggest racists in this country and will vote for black manipulators just because they are black. Look at the black vote for Obama, even though the guy thinks and acts in ways that are not in the interest of black people. The go for the sizzle, not the steak. But it undermines the black community. Too bad and very sad to witness.


  4. November 22, 2014 @ 11:53 am Education Advocate

    did you read wilson’s endorsement list? did you pay attention to her sign locations? lots of “white” people. i know it’s easier to understand things when you can put everything in neat little boxes but life isn’t like that. especially in politics. especially in vallejo.


  5. November 22, 2014 @ 12:06 pm wharf rat

    As I have stated the Vallejo electorate is a Chimera , completely unpredictable , yet for decades the mail in votes provide an early and often accurate outcome for elections, far before poll voting occurs . I have often wondered just how secure this data is , if it is leaked a campaign will have ample advance notice of the potential outcome , this will give them plenty of time to launch a late election get out the vote rally.

    The provisional ballot counts are of interest do they infer Voter mobility or long dormant Voters whose polling location had changed years ago and if so what compelled them to come out and vote in this election ? strange that Porter has a large volume
    of provisional votes when He did absolutely no campaigning and spent not one dime .. Could there have been a get out the Vote effort , perhaps a phone / email bank and if so what data base source was used for contact info and could Porter have been included as a recommended Candidate in such .

    The strange sequence of events bears scrutiny , he gets on the ballot then receives a job offer by the District or did he apply beforehand ? he then announces he will withdraw from his already elected
    Board member position , due to his desire to pursue his Teaching career , the chronology combined with the second highest mail in ballot total vote count might be a purely random or it could be blatant electioneering that has possibly backfired on a political puppetmaster .

    Many People also wonder if the $29.000 plus District promotional , glossy mailer funded via the Superintendant’s discretionary spending authority , thereby by-passing Board approval ,’ once again with interesting chronology’, has raised eyebrows all over town and no doubt certain past and present Grand Jury Members .. When looking objectively at this to- date sequence of events I think the Mathematical probability of all of these being random occurrences would generate some very large numbers ..


    • silasBarnabe

      November 22, 2014 @ 1:40 pm silasBarnabe

      @WR, anyone that was around for the great Ozz squeaker in the November 2007. We suspected similar collusion when he asked for a recount so confidently.


  6. November 26, 2014 @ 9:43 pm wharf rat

    Not as simple as I thought , some of the time frames are severe ..


    • November 26, 2014 @ 11:15 pm Salty Dog

      Thanks for digging up the State regulations on elections.

      The rationale for a Board making an appointment for trustee vacancy during a term due to resignation, death,etc makes sense. Special elections for a short term are expensive.

      But, is this the current situation.We just concluded A tight race in which one candidate declined to run. I am unsure how a board can either legally or morally inject itself into the electoral process i.e. simple majority winners.

      The section on Board composition and zonal representation is also illuminating.


  7. November 27, 2014 @ 12:33 pm wharf rat

    Welcome Salt ‘pretty racy read’, yes you are right the School board should have no power to influence a popular vote outcome , as you stated the provisional appointment clause is a defined mechanism to ensure a quorom and a functional governing body , case history shows a deliberative and evolved selection process for appointees , perhaps County EDU Superintendants encourage a sober selection process so as to avoid special elections , costs and strife .. Re the zonal concept , while this might be great in most Towns Vallejo is a societal anomaly with poorly defined ‘zones’ socio economic sprawl comes to mind as doe’s a crazy quilt of demographics that is our Town … Other concerns are the inevitable gerrymandering and thereby division we could expect , much of the potential / percieved advantages of a zonal system could be enjoyed by increasing the board membership , this is done by placing this on the next election ballot and requires a minimum of signatures to qualify …
    Our seperation of powers doctrine is woven into most areas of law and wisely so , Our Founders were once ruled by a Monarch so ‘they really got it’, I don’t believe the provisional appointment clause can be twisted for a particular political agenda at least not easily , then there remains the re-call avenue , a befitting fate for those electioneering and gaming the system , if the popular vote is nothing less than sacred we become a failed Democrasy ..


    • November 27, 2014 @ 1:36 pm Salty Dog


      I don’t suggest creating zonal representation based on race. On the contrary, that would be tedious, if not impossible, and, in fact, facilitate this ridiculous obsession with race.

      But there are easily seven identifiable districts based on population. If a zone has a disproportional population, that might require two reps. But most importantly, zonal representation makes individual trustees responsible to a given zone residency. Moreover, residents will know who “their” rep is and who to contact on arising issues. In turn, this would facilitate more discussion and debate at the Board table.

      I strongly believe the long term solution to community polarization over public education is to expand the Board to seven and create zonal representation. Not an easy endevour but worthy, given the current dysfunctional Board.


  8. November 28, 2014 @ 5:37 pm wharf rat

    Ramona has lost the credibility of a huge swath of the Vallejo electorate due to her political puppetering and electioneering , she has no credibility to report to the board re; State law , the board needs to hear from a higher official or a lawyer experienced in this area of law re; provisional appointments .. Research reveals that districts use this clause very conservativly and never to settle a close vote total .. THIS MUST BE WATCHED VERY CLOSELY , her involvement in this election could very well define the future of her VCUSD employment and carear for that matter .. Our sitting Board needs a third party a-political expert to advise them ..


    • November 28, 2014 @ 9:00 pm Salty Dog

      “Our sitting Board needs a third party a-political expert to advise them ..”


      There is something grotesque about a Superintendent advising the Board how to manipulate the composition of a Board with the power to hire and fire one individual, the Superintendent.

      The current Board Chair has resources at the County And State . Or is he incapable of acting independently of the Superintendent.


  9. November 28, 2014 @ 11:05 pm wharf rat

    This regressive District Administration and at times Governance has caused many to research , actual law and policy , considering that the
    Vcusd eclipses Our City budget many times over more than justifies a microscopic examination of this area of local Government … Rampant self promotion sets off many alarm bells , if the Organisation had it’s act together , these marketing ploys would not be deemed to be needed , in fact outcomes would be the the best advertisement , but when the facts are put foreward the Add campaign , end’s up in the toilet along with transparency and any concept of open Government … The lack of a link on the front page of the District web-site to the SCHOOL BOARD meetings say’s it all … Interesting that this form of Governance
    is more elusive than most other other Public bodies , all bound to the same State laws , and all conscripted to SERVE their Community … The Board meetings were sequestered , until VIB enacted the freedom of information act LAW , even then people had to go to District HQ and pick up a CD of the meetings .. What was there to hide , why not provide the Community with the facts , that effect the largest budget in Vallejo
    Government …. Our current Superintendant’s employment is totally at the will of Our School board PERIOD , they hire them and fire them …. another thing discovered is that the City Charter can delineate certain electorial processes related to Districts within the umbrella of local Government … One would hope that the Charter review process is not totally Developer/ABAG driven and in fact has a nugget or two for the people who currently make up this community , and who’s Families have supported it for generations
    and in the past had benefited from one of the best School Districts in the State …
    When the elected Board members / trustees are sworn in a third party , such as the County Superintendant of Education should give them a primer re; their powers,authority and oversite/powers … Ramona doe’s not rule the District , the ellected representitives do She is subservient to the Board in all respects , including her employment ………


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