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Postpone the PB Vote

Dear Vallejo City Council : We all feel the suffering from the mixed damage across the city homes and businesses/churches from the weekend’s earthquake. The people of vallejo stand by their Mayor & Manager/Council at times of need to mobilize, coordinate and assist various gallant people who are bringing relief and safety. We all pray…


Vallejo Schools Cannot Ignore their Adult Students

By Marty Stockard – former GED teacher Vallejo Adult School 8/11/14   As the school district with the lowest graduation rate in the county, Vallejo has an obligation to not only increase the high school graduation rate, but also to provide a better “second chance” to its citizens as an investment in the city’s future….


Primal Scream – A final appeal to the City Council on PB

By Ravi C. Shankar   Dear Mayor Davis, Vice-Mayor Sampayan,Council-members McConnel, Miessner, Malgapo, Ver-Aliga and Dew-Costa: I found last week’s discussion on the city budget and Measure-B & PB was perplexing for two reasons:  with a few exceptions, straight and factual answers were not aggressively demanded from the city manager; many contradictory and unrealistic/untruthful statements coming…


The Elephant in the Room and the Golden Rule

The Elephant in the Room and the Golden Rule By Tim Heimstra 6/19/14    Mayor Davis allowed for an open forum inviting anyone to step up to the podium and share concerns within the community.  My heart became heavy with sorrow when a homeless man (Mr. Smith) humbly went to the podium to share his frustration…

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