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Badge and Passed !

Badge and Passed !

This morning crews with heavy equipment were hard at work demolishing the old Badge and Pass office located at the corner of Tennessee Street and Mare Island Way. The structure, near the entrance to Mare Island  has been vacant for many years and a constant problem for residents of the area, who have been quite…


Abandoned Barracks Burn on Mare Island

Yesterday a long abandoned barracks on the North end of Mare Island burned.  According to public safety personnel, the fire was likely started by homeless squatters inside the building. There is no indication that anyone remained inside at the time of the fire. Abandoned structures on Mare Island have been a long standing issue however,…


Additional Stuff from July 22 City Council

By Anne Carr 7/30/14   The brouhaha over a strong mayor made us forget to share other news from the most recent City Council meeting, and we were too tired to wrap it in a podcast.  Sorry audio-philes, we’ll be back with a podcast the next Council!  In the meantime, here is some other news…

The Obtainium Cup is Coming!!!

The Obtainium Cup is Coming!!!

The Obtainium Cup is coming to Mare Island 6/22/14 — The Obtainium Cup Contraptor’s Rally is coming to Mare Island on July 27. Not to be missed!! Here is the new TV spot shot and cut by yours truly (Marc Garman) Featuring  Featuring Shannon O’Hare, Victor John, Trevor Allen, Caroline Miller (Lowen at 1 month!), Josh Hitchcock, Horatio Birdbath, Kimric Smythe, Liam McNamara, and with special help…

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