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Sunday Funny – Rozzana-Saurus-Rex

Well folks, the proceedings of the July 22 meeting of the Vallejo City Council still are still proving to be an inspiration for local artists with a political bent. Or maybe just artists who are bent. Either way, here is another one. We don’t make this stuff up at VIB. We merely publish it. MG…


Additional Stuff from July 22 City Council

By Anne Carr 7/30/14   The brouhaha over a strong mayor made us forget to share other news from the most recent City Council meeting, and we were too tired to wrap it in a podcast.  Sorry audio-philes, we’ll be back with a podcast the next Council!  In the meantime, here is some other news…


Not so sweet little Lies

By Marti Brown, past Vallejo City Councilmember 6/23/14   I just read Dennis Yen’s letter to the editor dated June 18 regarding Participatory Budgeting (PB) and all I could think of was that Fleetwood Mac song: “tell me lies, tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies, tell me, tell me lies….” It would be…


Primal Scream – A final appeal to the City Council on PB

By Ravi C. Shankar   Dear Mayor Davis, Vice-Mayor Sampayan,Council-members McConnel, Miessner, Malgapo, Ver-Aliga and Dew-Costa: I found last week’s discussion on the city budget and Measure-B & PB was perplexing for two reasons:  with a few exceptions, straight and factual answers were not aggressively demanded from the city manager; many contradictory and unrealistic/untruthful statements coming…

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