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Additional Stuff from July 22 City Council

By Anne Carr 7/30/14   The brouhaha over a strong mayor made us forget to share other news from the most recent City Council meeting, and we were too tired to wrap it in a podcast.  Sorry audio-philes, we’ll be back with a podcast the next Council!  In the meantime, here is some other news…


July 8 Vallejo City Council Podcast

7/9/14  The VIB News Attack  is back for the July 8 meeting of  the Vallejo City Council with Anne Carr and Marc Garman. In this episode, we discuss meeting highlights, what’s going on in the city and we answer several burning questions: Why is councilmember Verder-Aliga causing Anne Carr to wear a palm shaped furrow in…

VIB News Attack

VIB News Attack

Vallejo City Council June 10, 2014 6/11/14 — Here is our podcast and contemplations on the permutations and variations of the machinations of that august (or not so much so) body known colloquially as Club-No-Life or Your Vallejo City Council. Anyhow, last night’s topics include: The Budget, Participatory Budgeting, Structural Deficits, LED Streetlights, a delayed…

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