Vallejo Cannabis Collectives Plan City Hall Protest, Retain Lawyer James Anthony

The following Press release was issued earlier today by James Anthony who is working to advocate for Cannabis collectives in Vallejo in light of the recent decision by City Council to close all collectives presently operating in the city. The group is calling themselves Measure C Eleven. More on the web at


City of Vallejo Rejects $5 Million in Annual Revenue

From Legal Medical Cannabis Dispensaries



Vallejo, CA – On Thursday February 19th at 11:00 AM, 555 Santa Clara Street, medical cannabis patients and activists will gather at Vallejo City Hall to protest the City’s attempt to close all medical marijuana dispensaries, even the legal ones, and reject a projected $5 million in annual revenue.Dispensaries will attempt to make their usual tax payments—that the City Council just told staff to reject.


Measure C Eleven (MC11) is a coalition of medical marijuana dispensaries that opened before the 2013 moratorium and have consistently paid the City’s 10% tax as well as sales tax. MC 11 is organizing to fight back against the City’s unfair and harmful proposal. Eliminating all medical marijuana dispensaries will cause untold harm to the many hundreds of medical cannabis patients in Vallejo and the surrounding areas.


On Thursday morning at 11:00, Measure C Eleven member dispensaries will offer to pay their taxes—as they have regularly for years. The City Council has told City Staff to refuse the payment. Why is Vallejo turning down money from legally compliant California state medical cannabis patient collectives? 76% Of Vallejo voters approved the tax; far more votes than any city council member or the mayor received.


Measure C Eleven has prepared a compromise proposal that would recognize the dispensaries that were open since before the moratorium and allow them to supply medicine to patients during the transition to the City’s new regulatory system. If the City insists on closing all dispensaries, MC11 is prepared to take action, including a referendum against the City’s unfair, unwise, and unkind policy, and an initiative ordinance so that the voters of Vallejo can choose the most compassionate approach.


Measure C Eleven has retained political consultant and attorney James Anthony ( to guide this campaign. For ten years Anthony has guided local medical cannabis campaigns in Berkeley and San Jose, among many others, winning referenda and initiatives throughout California.


Measure C Eleven is committed to maintaining safe access for patients and to engaging in active civic participation. MC11 has prepared a simple petition for Vallejo voters to sign in support of their reasonable proposal, and they are also actively registering new voters now that California has online voter registration as of the beginning of this year. This is a new era in Vallejo citizen engagement.


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  1. February 18, 2015 @ 8:42 pm Doug

    5 million in projected revenues? HaHaHaHaHa. The clubs wanted Council to regulate and Council agreed to regulate. Now that’s not good enough for the industry, now they expect Council to allow 11 ILLEGAL clubs to remain open while the others are forced to shut down? The money must be flowing really well for these clubs:) Wake up folks, Council will NEVER allow 11 clubs to remain open. Watcha smokin??? Your not even being rational about the situation. Now if you were attempting to allow 2 clubs to remain open, during the shut-downs, then i could take your comments serious, but 11? Looks like Vallejo continues to be manipulated by this pot club industry. Since the industry is getting pushy about how the City goes about regulating, perhaps the City should just rescind their decision to regulate. Yep, that’s the ticket. Note to City Staff, keep good track of all your time on the MMD issues. Since they are all in violation of land use ordinances for the City of Vallejo, we should seek complete reimbursement when Litigation arrives.


  2. February 18, 2015 @ 11:03 pm Rhonda Chadwick

    Dear Dougy…..
    Relax, its gonna be ok. Stop with the false facts. I am one of the mc 11, fully licensed , fully compliant , tax paying , The Mayor was a fibbin when he said otherwise. Stop Bulling ! perhaphs you should consider changing your meds to one of ours , all natural God Given Herb, it will cure your ignorance and calm your aggression and stop all that phony anxiety you are experiencing..i promise….respectfully … Rhonda Chadwick patient and cbd advocate ..peace and love buddy


    • February 20, 2015 @ 9:47 am ben

      Dear Rhonda….
      You can not be. and are not “fully compliant” because the type of business you operate is not permitted under local zoning laws.


      • March 3, 2015 @ 12:08 pm morgan hannigan

        except that building, planning, and fire all signed off on many of these collectives’ applications. What else is there left?


  3. February 19, 2015 @ 3:50 am hippie

    Naw, Dougy is such a major buzz-kill , some weed is not the answer he needs some majorly potent medicine to
    cure his buzz-kill- ignorance and attain true enlightenment , shrooms or LSD , maby some opium , all are in Gods medicine chest . Smoked a bunch of bananna peels back in the 60’s ”one high I will never forget” turned green , ralphed for two days ”we knew how to get wasted back then none of this pansy-assed designer bud”crap sold by wanabee capitalistic establishmentarions with their che-che little boutique weed shops hawking the bud dujoir with stupid names like brain wreck and cognitive crush . F-ing shameful we got our stash from a respectable connection not from 7 MJ eleven store fronts ”in f-in plain view” to score was a whole process , part of a culture , there were protocalls tradition and pride , it was a scene, part of the movement not just a trip to a weed mart .. Whats next soft serve’s and chips with your orange crash bud ..
    And now there are Lawyers , waaaay f-in un-cool , total buzz-kill , man we would have nark’d these punks out .. Timothey Leary must be trippin in his grave, f-in shameful ”damn kids these days” ..


  4. February 19, 2015 @ 7:53 am Anon

    If the $5m that the city is “rejecting” is 10% of total sales then that means the canibis owners are keeping $40,000,000 for themselves. Subtract the cost they pay to the illegal grow houses and the cost to keep a storefront (?) they end up with $39,000,000+. Hmmmmm, ya think their first concern is their “patients”? Make it a 50% tax and then they will have my support.


  5. February 20, 2015 @ 5:27 am John_K

    AL CAPONE – like the pot clubs, Old Scarface Al went through abortive negotiations to pay the government any back taxes he owed; he would have gladly paid taxes to avoid prosecution for his crimes.

    NOT LEGAL – The Vallejo marijuana dispensaries are not legal. When Vallejo voters approved Measure C, they only approved taxation. These storefront pot clubs are still in violation of land use.

    BAD NEIGHBORS – they refuse to comply with city regulations – the Vallejo City Attorney says, “All MMDs, including those who are attempting to pay the tax, are currently prohibited. Measure C recognized the city’s ability to enforce its laws, and each MMD tax certificate explicitly warns that it does not convey any right to any MMD to operate.


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