Sampayan Announces Run for Mayor in 2016

The following is a press release issued by Councilmember Bob Sampayan:


Vallejo, Calif. – Vallejo City Councilmember Bob Sampayan has announced his candidacy for Mayor in the 2016 election. Sampayan said, “I’ve been serving the Vallejo community since 1985 when I was hired as a police officer, and for nearly four years as a city council member. I believe in Vallejo’s potential to be the rising star in the San Francisco Bay Area. We just need positive, thoughtful leadership to take us there – and I am that leader.”

Former City Councilmember and Vice Mayor Stephanie Gomes said, “Bob has been a strong advocate for increasing public safety while ensuring that it is a sustainable program that doesn’t outpace the city’s revenues. He was an original supporter of the Citizens Public Safety Advisory Committee, as well as one of the four original proponents of the Participatory Budgeting process that has given taxpayers a direct role in spending public funds on projects the community wants. Bob will be an excellent Mayor.” Sampayan has focused on cleaning up North Mare Island as the city’s next big economic generator, and to bring quality businesses and local jobs to the island.

Councilwoman Katy Miessner said, “Bob is honest, trustworthy and always positive about Vallejo. He’s the best person to lead this city and share all the positive attributes that Vallejo has to offer with the outside world. He’s also a consensus builder – as Mayor, Bob will bring people together to solve problems.”

As mayor, Sampayan says he will use Vallejo’s diversity as an asset, and will work with all Vallejo residents, businesses, the arts communities, and city staff to make Vallejo safe, successful and a healthy place to live, work and play.

Sampayan’s Fall campaign kickoff date will be announced shortly.

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  1. July 22, 2015 @ 10:50 am decentamerican

    Congratulations Bob !

    We thank you for the support of the Community Gardens, Participatory Budgeting, Youth Baseball and the Arts Community as Council Member. Also appreciate your votes and dialog at City Hall on many other matters, some very polarizing, others citizen’s concerns, etc.

    In some of our disappointments, we question your voting record under duress from the current mayor — we really needed you to be strong and stand up to him tactfully hijacking various debates, then the voting ! We really needed you to take the position and support Councilmember McConnel, when he took on the mayor persistently and supported the people’s cause numerous times.

    We also do not understand how you could not fairly and justly persuade Councilmembers Malgapo and Verder-Aliga, when the voting and issues were extremely important for the people. They have been so blindly siding with the mayor on key issues and we are afraid you MAY turn out to be like them, if elected mayor !

    We are also disappointed by the poor participation by the Filipino community at important events, while they appear to gather to vote en-bloc to their Filipino councilmembers. That record by the Filipino community is very questionable, biased loyalty/commitment to the cause of Vallejo and we wold like to know how and what you will actually do to offset this trend.

    Also comes to our minds the many times, you appear to “go along” with the City Manager when there were situations needing firm exercise of your political force to question and hold him accountable — in spite of his general good, longer record of job performance. This is somewhat to do with daring to take on the ‘old boys network’approach — mere sweet talking or praise or denial or silence does not let the problems go away — they need to be confronted peacefully, but firmly and with persistant facts on the peoples behalf.

    So, although we’ve supported your run for the council and generally appreciated your services and voting for the people of Vallejo, there are questions about your Citywide leadership, Statewide/National representation of Vallejo.

    We need a very comassionate, strong and smart leader, who will not hesitate to break the rules in the City’s interest, not scared by the attorneys, who resonate with the people’s priorities, who is humble yet does not hesitate to participate in ALL types of events at ALL types of Vallejo’s communities and set the City Employees SERVE the people with humility, be ACCOUNTABLE always. We do not need a “more police” policy — that never solves problems consistently and justly. We need someone who can cut the extremely questionable misuse of the overtime and pensions scheme by city staff at the expense of the citizens. We need someone who will ALWAYS pass a balanced budget, EVERY YEAR and be wise enough to cut where exploitation, waste is prolific and unchecked.

    There is more but it’s a good start. We are happy about your ambition to be our next mayor and we respectfully challenge you to bring EACH of your voting record since being Counilmember to the public’s debate during the campaign season !

    May the BEST candidate win !


  2. July 26, 2015 @ 3:34 pm whosyourdaddy

    Bob is a kind, decent, generous man.He also is very much apart of Vallejos’ dysfunction.(police career) Let us look to new blood . Someone who sees Vallejo for what she really is.If we are honest we know Vallejo will take decades to move out of the dependence mentality.Let us try to attract residents who realize being apart of the work force is crucial for a vibrant future. Vallejo’s political status quo has fallen for the lefts all to familiar (life is hard, and those big ,bad republicans are keeping us down) Time to lay waste to the current public education that has grown like a cancer in our schools. Time to expose the public service unions for their greed ,and path to another bankruptcy. Mayor Davis has been a disaster…..lets avoid the next disaster


  3. July 26, 2015 @ 6:00 pm Clarke Johnston

    Vallejo’s economic future remains tenuous; with our without revenue from the smoking section. (Let’s hope that pending revenue from that income stream is trackable, compliant, and operates well within coming guidelines, rather than pushing the envelope) But: Brand name service stations (gas, only, really) continue to bail V-Town, and be replaced by a rag-tag-ish assortment of Stop ‘n Robs and Zipp-Tripps. This small but steady erosion seems to be totally ignored by anyone at Economic Development. While a small factor, merged with an overly zesty selection of freeway-centric motels and flops, downright engaging denizens at the 7-11 on Magazine or at the liquor store at Arkansas and Sonoma . . and you get the picture. We’re doing better, but still need more Police Officers, just could do with a less combative police union. (A less combative citizenry would be down right nice, for a change, too) Plenty of vacant homes remain, shopping is lop-sided towards the Plaza area. Vallejo needs growth, a revised waterfront plan that works with hikers, bikers, frisbees et al, but brings something down to the waterfront. The ferry crowd disembarks and splits en masse. Can Vallejo entice them with food or drink at the waterfront? Luring serious boat, shipping and storage, manufacturing and other jobs/tax revenue producing firms to Mare Island must remain a top priority. Downtown art galleries and antique shops are nice; but are not a strong economic base. They cater to a limited (if bank-endorsed) clientele. Tanning salons, nail shops, smoke shops, liquor stores, .99 stores, hair shops . . none of these make for lasting revenue by themselves, or ad any sparkle or luster to Vallejo’s image. Congrats to Bob Sampayan for choosing to run. He’s given quite a bit of public service, as an officer and also a councilperson, to Vallejo alread. It IS time for a change on the dias. Vallejo seems at times to be out of control, some visbile leadership present when events occur, a willingness to face the press on one hand and the public on the other would be refreshing change. Mayor Davis is loathe to speak with the press, except when cornered by pesky reporters from KRON/4. Since Vallejo is City Manager oriented for operations and management via it’s charter, this frees up a Mayors’ time a bit. Vallejo needs a more forward face, speaking to the issues, meeting with the press AND the citizens. We need that 40 hours, so to speak.


  4. August 1, 2015 @ 12:38 pm anon

    Bob during a photo op toasting the converted RV for SNIP. As mayor will he bring us more of the same?



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