Fire at ALCO Recycling

8/22/14 — A fire started at ALCO Recycling located at 629 Azuar Drive Mare Island around 4:15PM – 4:30PM .
The fire was confined to piles of recycled materials (including ground up appliances etc.) in the back lot of ALCO. No determination had been made yet whether the fire  started spontaneously or was due to arson.  Because the back of the building nearest the fire is made of sheet metal an early concern was that if enough heat had been generated it could have caused materials inside the building to burn.
Mare Island residents were instructed to shelter in place for several hours.
Fire Departments fron Benica, American Canyon, Travis ,Dixon and Vallejo responded to the fire.
Photos by Angelo P. — Click to see Full Size

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  1. August 23, 2014 @ 12:43 am wharf rat

    A shelter in place ‘robo call was issued to delta meadows area’ the thick black acrid smoke was wind blown as the winds were very strong at the time of the fire … It would seem prudent for Alco to have a deluge system or at least a monitor , supplied via fire water to get the jump on these fires , thereby reducing their air quality impacts on the local community … VFD and our mutual aid helpers had water pressure and flow issues , thisexemplifies the lack of functional infrastructure on north MI , one must wonder it Touro has adequite fire water to defend their facility ….


    • August 23, 2014 @ 10:03 pm wharf rat

      The apparent dirt lot drains into A wetland or the storm drain … In years past the scrapping opperation in the back field was somewhat passive, as it staged clean scrap , devoid of the mixed waste seen in the photos… Now we see pallets and tires , and grinding up of all kinds
      waste …. This is what burned , and produced the acrid black smoke …. There has been a change of state , this privately owned facility is no longer a good neighbour , rather it has become a gross polluter …. Permitted by COV , one must wonder …
      There was a serious problem with fire water supplies to the incident , in fact the VFD had to contact the water dept to boost pressures as they had low pressure and , not enough water flow and pressure to fight this fire … Why are Vallejo’s water pressures , just above the state requirements …………… It is because we have been spending money on FAT Administrative compensation , to the tune of six figure salaries ,, while foregoing , basic brick and morter , and basic infrastructure requirements , needed to keep basic services provided to the community … Our water infrastructure is so old that it has HUGE LEAKAGE of treated water … this will never be disclosed by Public works ,, it has been covered up for years , we also have a huge percentage of un-metered connections , many of them in the Green Valley system , these parasites continue to suck treated water , payed for by real rate payers and sanctioned by the politically powerful residents of this largely , subsidised Fifedom … They recently sued us and LOST , the entire Solano Judiciary was recused from hearing the case ….. Kinda says it all …. Vallejo bennefits very little from our association with County Government …
      In fact We would be better served by forming a separate Agency , with dirrect funding , overseen by Our Citezens … The BP rape and pillage is a prime example , afterall we are just mushrooms ….


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