COV Earthquake Status Press Conference

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  1. August 25, 2014 @ 9:54 pm wharf rat

    Our Mayor has no Functional input or even any relative content to communicate with this community … He is just the gas bag of those that funded his Ellections …. He has been absent Durring a major disaster ,,, when buildings are collapsing , and many other’s
    doomed to collaghpse ,, in our Downtown …. I am sure our Council will , step up to the plate…….. These major disasters , illustrate the need for a strong Council —-‘ not a ‘strong Mayor’ ,,, Chief Kreins put it very well , when he stated , that … The people of Vallejo , are resilient
    and care for each other very well ….. Yes we all got together ,, neighbourhood ,, block to block ,,, this is what He was talking about ….
    The cat must be of blue collar roots …..sad to see him go … Perhaps we can get him back , from time to time , why burn the bridge ,,,
    Retirement is A myth, Kreens needs , projects , We would be blessed if He would return from time to time ….. His badge should not be retired , rather kept , and polished … Or at least in His wallet …


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