Cannabis Grow House Burns — Booby Traps Present Obstacle for Firefighters

10/2/14 — A two alarm structure fire (approx. 6:45 PM) at 615 Florida Street presented firefighters with a unique set of obstacles. The two story building was being used as a large commercial grow house for cannabis. Access from the alley at the back of the building was infeasible due to the windows being covered with heavy sheetrock etc. Firefighters also found a series of booby traps and trip wires inside the burning building connected to pepper spray bombs intended to deter any intruders. ¬†Paperwork inside the establishment indicated that the grow house is “legal”, however questions remain and Vallejo police were present as well as the bomb squad (EOD from Travis AFB). Firefighters pulled back to a “defensive” position once the booby traps were detected. Suspicions lean towards the cause of the fire being electrical but findings from the fire investigator are pending. Footage includes a more detailede briefing from Batallion Chief Cliff Campbell.

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  1. October 8, 2014 @ 7:14 am Hiddenbrooke too!

    The latest grow house was found in Hiddenbrooke. The owner (from Daly City) finally got control of the house the renters had skipped out with two months of rent in arrears. The owner found mildew on walls (apparently inside irrigation was left on), pot plants all over the place, a spaghetti of extension cords & electrical wiring. Prelim reports by police say they’re not sure if they’ll prosecute. Pourquoi? Can’t find the former tenants, or DA won’t pursue? Also– with so many pot plants, why weren’t the renters able to pay rent? Using too much of their own product?


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