3/23/15 – The following press release was issued by:

Maurice Solis, Co-founder of reLeaf Alternative Healing

Anh Nguyen-Solis, reLeaf Alternatives Healing

Kyndra Miller, Cannabusiness Law

Community Rally Against City of Vallejo’s imposed shutdown of all Cannabis dispensaries

VALLEJO, CA— A community rally to protest the unjust closure and regulatory changes imposed against legally operating medical marijuana dispensaries in Vallejo.

The demonstration will start at 5:30 p.m. at the headquarters of reLeaf Alternative Healing, 525 Capitol Street, in Vallejo’s historic downtown. Community members will march from reLeaf to the steps of Vallejo City Hall where Organizers will hold a rally and press conference at 6:30 p.m.

“Our march to City Hall will be a cry of ‘We shall not be moved,’ in the spirit of the march to Selma during the Civil Rights movement 50 years ago,” says Kyndra Miller, lawyer for reLeaf Alternative Healing. “As a cannabis patient and community, we too are experiencing injustice from our public


The rally is being held in response to Vallejo’s City Council decision in January 2015 to close all 11 of the legal medical marijuana dispensaries currently operating within city limits, and to refuse to accept payment of the dispensaries’ Measure C taxes. The City Council additionally voted to ultimately regulate and limit the number of dispensaries operating in Vallejo. Dispensaries attempting to pay their taxes in February were turned away by City Hall. There is a potential City Council vote to pass an Ordinance to add Chapter 7.100 to the Vallejo Municipal Code to Provide Limited immunity to 2 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.

“Our biggest concern right now is for our patients,” says Anh Nguyen-Solis, Public Relations Manager of reLeaf, a medical cannabis cooperative that has legally operated in Vallejo for more than three years. “At reLeaf, we serve hundreds of chronically ill and disabled patients who rely on this medicine to manage their symptoms, and we provide free medicine to terminally ill and indigent patients in our community.

“Our city representatives need to consider the citizens of Vallejo who depend on these vital medicines,” she continues. “This sudden decision by Vallejo City Council ties our hands in being able to dispense the vital medicines to the patients who depend on them.” reLeaf is organizing the rally in conjunction with the National Organization for the Reform of

Marijuana Laws (NORML) and the non-profit charity Cann-I-Dream Foundation. Participants will include reLeaf patients and supporters, as well as community activists, business and residential neighbors, and representatives from other medical cannabis dispensaries.


  1. March 24, 2015 @ 6:20 am John_K

    Wonderful… a modern day “I Have A Dream” salute to the Civil Rights Movement by the storefront marijuana dealers who are ILLEGALLY operating in Vallejo, in violation of land use regulations and cease-and-desist orders. I reckon this is better than their previous tactics of “You can’t stop us because we have lawyers, guns, and money.”

    What happened to “Regulate us, please! We want to be regulated and taxed.” Now they are refusing to be regulated, and they still have King Kong Size Ganjapreneur Funds to pay for lawyers.

    Rumor is there are now 34 illegal marijuana dispensaries in Vallejo. April 21st is the “re-leaf” day… the deadline for operators to cease operations in order to be considered as one of the two businesses that will be allowed to operate in Vallejo under the new regulations.


    • April 6, 2015 @ 4:29 pm Me

      They are only operating illegally because of morons like John K. here. If it were totally illegal, then why was measure c created ? Are you trying to say that city officials were attempting to take tax money from an illegal operation? I blame the crooked politics who wanted to have their cake plus eat it too. Wake up John. Here is a clue… It’s called discrimination. Look it up. It’s relatable to civil rights because it is one large group of people singling out a smaller group. Open up a book once in a while and that will make more sense to you.


  2. April 12, 2015 @ 8:32 am Bong Hit

    ME, don’t get confused. John K may be many things but Stupid is not one of them. From everything I read and hear from people, the concerns over these pot shops are mainly public nuisance issues: litter, loitering, car traffic, sketchy looking people, yada, yada. In my opinion, these kinds of issues can be addressed with proper zoning and some community police work. Enforce the litter laws that are on the books, enforce parking and traffic rules. Big fines for littering and stupid drivers who want to double park and create traffic dangers.

    It’s a shame that many Vallejo leaders lack the foresight to see how the world is changing and the opportunities for Vallejo by being an early adopter. We should more swiftly toward decriminalization of weed and normalization of the weed business. Vallejo could create a gold standard in dealing with the weed industry, a model other cities could use when they begin to face these issues.

    Decriminalizing weed through a deliberate and relaxed local policing policy is the right move for us to make. Not only because that’s the trend nationally but for our own local minority population who bare the consequences of pot criminalization at a disproportionate rate. IMO this is one proactive step we could make and get a win, win, win for doing so.


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