Another Building Burns on Mare Island

12/25/14 – 5:52 AM — An early morning fire completely engulfed the structure on the corner of Azuar and G Streets on Mare Island. Vallejo firefighters arrived at approximately 2:30 AM and called for mutual aid. The building had been apparently inhabited by homeless squatters. It is unknown if there were any fatalities at this time. An unfortunate Christmas reminder of the persistent homeless issue in Vallejo.

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  1. December 25, 2014 @ 9:24 am bee traven

    Great coverage Marc , and at ‘0’ dark thirty Christmas morning at that , with no active sprinkeler systems or fire alarm systems most of these structure fires are fully involved by the time VFD arrives on scene .. I don’t know what the costs of fighting these fires are but as in this fire many Cities provided mutual aid to Vallejo , so there are substantial costs somewhere as well as expensive post fire security and cleanup …. Common sense and a modicum of effective property management practices could greatly prevent or reduce these total loss events … When the cleanup and remediation costs so much , such as with building 855 ‘after it burned to the ground’ – around a million dollars, it seems a more proactive / preventative program would save COV a bunch of money while saving these structures for future use …. There are simple and effective cell-phone based alarm systems that are powered by solar / batteries that would provide early detection of a structure fire , compared with costs of response and cleanup these would be pennies on the dollar … Then there is the legal liability aspect , these derelict properties are refereed by the insurance and legal world as ‘attractive nuisances’s’ and pose a huge liability to COV … If a property owner takes no reasonable measures to secure a property and abate a nuisance and it leads to injury – loss of life or damage to property then they are very liable ….. With what we spend for private security on MI it seems some basic property management might be a smart strategy , in fact there are firms that provide both services with synergy and accountability ……..


  2. December 26, 2014 @ 11:14 pm Chris

    Well, the cost of fighting fires in Vallejo is already built into the Vallejo budget, which for the Fire Department is on the order of $20+ million, with $1.6 million of that for Mare Island.

    The added cost of security for the north Island is being covered by Measure B funds (more of your tax dollars at work), but it is passive security that has done little to nothing to discourage and prevent trespassing in buildings.

    There have been 4 burn-down fires in the last 3 years or so, and relatively minor fires in two or three other buildings that still stand but that are earmarked for demolition at some point in the future.

    As for additional security measures, installing electronics in those buildings is risky business–they might very well get ripped off. And know that while property management of the City-owned buildings on north Mare Island has been nearly non-existent, all the buildings are empty, now derelict, and flagged for demolition if and when the money is found to pay for it; investing a lot of taxpayer money into ‘protecting’ the derelicts may simply be not worth it despite certain risks. This has been going on for 18 years.

    I don’t know whether this stuff is part of a calculation at City Hall, or if this is just happenstance as a product of a kind of passive neglect, but these burn-downs are nibbling at the inventory of north Mare Island derelicts and the loss of the buildings is generally viewed as a long-overdue improvement.


  3. December 31, 2014 @ 10:49 pm wharf art

    Please study the financing structure , and then comment INTELLIGENTLY , and then be out-ragged that we are currently , spending
    a — per square foot of public money for land that was , essentially given to Us by the Navy … The cost of post fire cleanup , eclipses the market value of the land .. So in fact we are paying – above market rate for ‘SOIL’ … In fact much of the cleanup of Mare Island has been at the expence of our local Community , this pay–day loan scheme is a slap in the face to a Community that supported Our Pacific Fleet operations for over , one hundred and fifty years …………………………… Fiscally Vallejo would be better off if We just gave Mare Island back to the NAVY …. They have proven to be a fair weather friend – worse than a following sea astern of a crank ship … Only when We realise that Our real asset’s are the quality single Family homes , with backyards and ect , will We even realise that the Navy and ABAG are not our friends … It is now time for Vallejo to stand up on its own two feet , and take it’s place in the bay area …. Staff serve themselves , We serve each other ……….


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