Waterfront Weekend and Mira Gala This Weekend


By Marc Garman — Editor VIB


The Vallejo Waterfront Weekend is coming this weekend! The event kicks off with the Mira Gala Friday October 3 at the MiraTheatre at 7:30 pm. The Mira Theatre and Community Cultural Center is the beneficiary of funds raised by the Gala and Waterfront Weekend to be put towards a new roof that the building at 51 Daniels Ave. desperately needs.  INFO HERE


The main Waterfront Weekend event will be at various locations Saturday and Sunday October 4 and 5 with events including whaleboat races, a chili cookoff, vendors, music, food, Downtown Art Windows, Celebrity Dunk Tank, The Glow Run, a car show, kayaking and more! Check the event website for complete information: www.vallejowaterfrontweekend.com


And yours truly, the humble editor of this website even produced  a series of television advertisements (which have been airing on Comcast thanks to Ken Ingersoll of Gracie’s Restaurant who donated a bunch of his advertising airtime) for the event !! I even got to spritz the mayor in the face with a squirt gun!! (He took it in good humor!)

There are a whole bunch of these on the Waterfront Weekend website with various folks getting wet at the end. Check them out! Great fun! Or have a peep at the “making of” video…Green, Wet & Messy

A Personal Note or Two:

I have been working with event organizer (and Executive Director or the Napa-Solano Labor Coalition) Jon Riley  on this. We even got soaked together for one of the TV spots in spite of our initial hesitancy to work together. Those of you who know the history, know that Jon and I have had a somewhat contentious interaction over political issues in Vallejo in past years, to say the least. There were even a few political cartoons drawn

Rather than bore you with a lot of historical details, I’ll just say that working together DOES NOT mean that Jon and I are BFFs or endorse one another’s views or political position ( I know he agrees). However, it was good working together for a good cause and what will be a fun and I’m sure successful event! And as much as I hate to admit it…Jon has done a really good job pulling volunteers together and we actually worked well together.  (And Jon’s pal and fellow Jump Starter Dennis Yen did a GREAT job on the voiceover for the ad.) One can only take it as a sign that the town is moving forward when folks with differing views can come together. It’s been great working with the many volunteers on this event. Thank you to everyone!

Just a little shameless plug before I go — A new Vallejo business: Lab Rat Pictures

I don’t usually put my personal or business stuff on VIB…but…I’m making a little exception.

I am proud to be a new Vallejo business owner, and member of the Chamber of Commerce (Oh my!).

If you liked the Waterfront Weekend ads and need video work or television advertising for your business or organization give me a shout at:  labratpictures@gmail.com

You can see some other work at www.labratpictures.com

LRP offers full service video work  and TV advertising at affordable rates…and keeping the editor fed helps keep this website alive! (Something not everybody wants…Oh WELL! As you wish.)

That said, GO HAVE FUN THIS WEEKEND IN VALLEJO!!! (So nice to say that.)

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  1. October 5, 2014 @ 4:10 pm Ravi Shankar

    Dear Vallejo City Council-members Malgapo, Sampayan and Verder-Aliga:

    I am contacting you to request that you do everything today and Monday to strongly urge the various social, cultural and non-profit Filipino organizations to send Vallejo residents to VOTE FOR PARTICIPATORY BUDGETING (PB).

    The level of participation in all expos and all voting sites from members of the Filipino community appear to be very low based on the turnout at all voting sites and all Expos (in my personal assessment) and far below the influence circle of the 3-council seats they enjoy through the three of you !

    Looking forward to the celebration and announcement of PB votes on Tuesday at the F.C.C.

    Thank you for your help.

    Ravi Shankar
    Community Volunteer


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