Time for Waterfront Master Developer to Walk Plank

By Jimmy W. Genn

Dear Economic Director,

I am told that Staff is talking/negotiating the potential Extension of our Contract with our Waterfront Master Developer (WMD). Please do not extend this Developer’s  Contract. It is expiring in September 2015?  From their recent development Proposals (actually, I have been told that with all their Proposals), they have proven that their designs have nothing to do with Vallejo’s inherent “look”. Basically I have seen very similar cheap designs (no covered parking, utilities/trash exposed, on and on) all over the East Bay, most not in waterfront locations. In my opinion they do just a “cut and paste” of boilerplate commercial/residential design, and slap it onto Vallejo’s Waterfront (colorful storyboards, only). Secondly as was part of their recent proposals, they themselves testified that their financial situation is not such that they can finance their Proposal. They basically will be “middle men”, for once they get their Approvals, they will package it all to Sell. Getting their cut and selling to an entity that we did not deal with, to implement the Development. We should have a WMD that has a real design staff, one that will investigate our local designs, our location and design from  these. Plus a WMD that has deep financial pockets, who can back up, in immediate action, what we approve, and will be there and answerable throughout.

Yes, it has been many years since we chose this WMD; and yes, the Market has exploded. Now, today, lets us go with the best. What the Location was selling for in the  past and now are, so different; it behooves us to rethink, re investigate what we can get for our Crown Jewel, our Waterfront. Believe in Vallejo, we have a beautiful, unique location. It has never been so valuable. This is our chance to make some Big Bucks, Big Economic Development. Grab for our “brass ring” for us.


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  1. June 6, 2015 @ 10:13 pm Maureen

    Jimmy, Thank you so much. I don’t think most of Vallejo is aware of this. “Anything is better than nothing” hopefully, is over. Vallejo deserves so much more than “anything”.


  2. June 7, 2015 @ 8:41 am Jimmy W Genn

    VIB, Thanks for publishing my Opinion. It is a large subject and needs a large exposure. To all those who will , please pass this on . Jimmy W. Genn


  3. June 7, 2015 @ 10:01 am Goat

    I hope the City of Vallejo is considering the option of opening up waterfront development to other developers. Callahan has had *exclusive* rights to develop for about 20 years (VIBers, anyone know the date of his contract?). His performance has been underwhelming to say the least.

    Vallejo’s Econ Dev team did a good job (imo) in guiding the bid process for North Mare Island. How about something similar for the waterfront? Or, are we locked in to Callahan, the result of dubious decisions made 20 years ago? That deal stinks, as does the City’s decision to fire Triad downtown (ironically, the developer who had done the most the fastest for Vallejo). Hmm, as I understand the Great Oz was key in both deals…


    • Vallejo Voter

      June 11, 2015 @ 10:16 am Vallejo Voter

      Callahan has had exclusive rights for decades and has done nothing. Now, they don’t have the money to develop, but only want to use the Vallejo RENEWAL of a contract to sell as an asset. Why? Why should Vallejo be used in this way? Why not consider NOT extending the contract; let it expire in when it does this year. Send the Waterfront out for requests for bids or contract and RESEARCH the CURRENT, viable developers out there. There is MONEY out there; there are developers who actually have IDEAS. Callahan has been Mayor Davis’ “good old boy” for decades, and we should not allow him to give his “good old friend” something to his friend for nothing just so his friend can sell it to make HIS money and leave Vallejo hanging or left with a developer who Callahan sold to, not Vallejo vetting or selecting. It’s time to move on. Get rid of the old garbage and that includes a 20 year contract and Callahan.


  4. June 7, 2015 @ 10:49 am SaveVallejosWaterfront



  5. June 7, 2015 @ 12:48 pm wharf rat

    Yes many closets filled with many skeletons , rumor on the street is that the Developer is broke and simply intends to ”flip” his option . He has been able to tie up valuable Bay Area waterfront property for 20 or so years now , this effectively has stalled any projects , exception being the State Farm building, this project took out a park and a redwood grove with some so called ”mitigation” never to be enacted , so his score card don’t look so good .
    New information suggests that there is ”contamination” on the Parcel ”A” area approved for l74 residential units at the Municipal Marina this ill conceived project’s option runs out this Sept . If renewed the Developer intends to destroy a historic wetland/marsh system and replace it with a man made wetland, this is simply a urban runoff catchment basin that is being called a wetland park and might never be built at all due to certain clauses in the DDA .
    for some quality information on the current waterfront situation please view this site , it answers more questions than I ever could ..



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