Sunday Funny – 7/13/14


The sidewalk ordinance is still lurking! Find out more or sign the petition if you wish:






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  1. July 14, 2014 @ 7:24 am Billy Goat

    LOL! Ah yes, the City tries to put the squeeze on homeowners with the Sidewalk Ordinance. Cute graphic, great disclaimer. VIB Ghost Army? Love it!


  2. July 14, 2014 @ 12:23 pm Brandon

    A regular sidewalk is bad enough, but those of us with houses with the huge, ugly retaining walls in front of our homes are in for a REAL financial disaster if/when they fail. WE COULD LOSE EVERYTHING! They are inexpertly coated with concrete veneer that is constantly cracking off and in need of repair, the metal railings are all failing or have some Band-Aid repairs done to them, we have no engineering documents from the city show that they were built correctly, hint, hint, nod, nod, maybe they know they are going to fail soon and are putting it on us to pay for their liability. This is not even mentioning damages to our HOMES themselves if these wall fail! We really need to fight this or else our financial lives, our homes, and the Vallejo real estate market are at risk!


  3. July 15, 2014 @ 11:22 am Concerned Citizen

    Last day for this Petition.

    This topic was supposed to be open for comments thru July 15th on Open City Hall, they pulled this topic and the comment section last Friday. This petition as scheduled, will be pulled tonight at midnight. This petition was/is available for 18 days, 667 signatures so far. Phase 2 will begin at midnight tonight when this petition (Phase 1) is pulled. If you signed this petition you will automatically be apprised of the next community outreach/participation process (August 26th Agenda Packet). Any Concerned Citizen should agree that we CAN NOT afford to sit back and wait for Staff to decide how they wish to corral us next. We as Concerned Citizens will remain pro-active on this matter, not re-active. We are not waiting for this to be a City Council Agenda item to express our many opinions on this matter. We encourage and appreciate the support/participation of ALL Concerned Citizens. This petition along with signatures and over 160 comments from Concerned Citizens will be in the City Council Agenda Packet (their mail packet) of the July 22nd Council meeting, you wont find it in the Staff Report, consider it a “Public Report” if you will.


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