Strong Mayor Too Weak to Succeed— Chick-fil-a moves forward

A fast and short highlights blurb from council chambers at 12:03 am

Vallejo City Council voted on an alternative ordinance to put Mayor Osby Davis’ push for more power and money off until a date uncertain. The motion, put forward by councilmember Sampayan to put off Davis’ measure passed 5-2 with only support from Davis and Verder- Aliga for the strong mayor initiative. The strong mayor push has crashed and burned…for now.

The issue was deliberated over with a passionate and disruptive audience holding signs opposing Davis’ strong (or stronger) mayor. Verder-Aliga, who came under fire for her support, touted her thick skin to the crowd stating, “been there, done that,” several times. Her slavish support of the measure and inability to put forward a reasoned argument supporting her position speaks to her thoughtless obedience to Davis with little regard for public sentiment or respect for process. Verder-Aliga described her action as, P1060601“courage under fire.” It was anything but.

City Manager Dan Keen was clearly the darling of the crowd, with many showering accolades on him for his progress moving the city forward. Keen was unable to contain his embarrassment on the dais several times, blushing and putting his head down. Davis’ expression slowly formed a scowl as his motion sunk.

Sampayan, Miessner and Mcconnell spoke with passion against the measure bringing up the expense of some $270,000 plus dollars to place the measure on the ballot as well as the need for public input.

P1060591CHICK-FIL-A was approved unanimously on an alternate measure put forward by councilmember Mcconnell with some additional safety considerations for the left hand pocket turn wanted by the developer, which had been opposed by the planning commission. Discussion was spirited with speakers bringing up the homophobic policy record of Chick-fil-a.


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  1. July 23, 2014 @ 12:59 am wharf rat

    Ozby got bludegeoned by His community it was both an encouraging site and a pathetic one as wellthen
    with a masterfull move by political chessmaster Sampayan it can now die a slow death …This was some world class political theatre with Keen ending up as the reluctant star of the show … Looking out at the sea of faces and signs the two realators must have seen dolar signs flying away on the political winds …
    all in all an impressive display of the arts of sausage making and democrassy in action …Perhaps the jumpstart brood is lossing some steam ………


    • July 23, 2014 @ 1:43 am John_K

      Makes me wonder… is it possible that Malgapo and Dew-Costa are representing taxpayers and citizens, as opposed to special interests? Didn’t see the Jumpstart Puppet-Master on deck tonight, but I assumed his disciples had marching orders. Maybe the Charter change wasn’t on the Jumpstart agenda? Or hopefully, Malgapo and Dew-Costa are simply reading their packets and doing a good job of evaluating issues before they go into the Council Chamber. Watch for future developments.

      Verder-Aliga was a genuine embarrassment. Feel like I need to apologize to new observers for having this snooty woman sitting up there on the dais, saying things that make me cringe.


  2. July 23, 2014 @ 2:48 am Junior

    Verder-Aliga actually may be more egotistical than Osby Davis. And that’s hard to imagine! Yuck, she was dripping servitude and ignorant obedience. She had the gall to apologize to the Filet-ers for the citizens of Vallejo? How dare she apologize for me! She obviously has utter disdain for the people of Vallejo. And her defensiveness on the strong mayor issue, touting her “courage under fire” and dismissing everyone she was betraying.

    Somebody needs to break the news to her that she wasn’t coronated, she was elected. She needs to stop with the royal attitude and get real. Thank God she only got the three-year seat and not the five year. She needs to GO.


    • July 23, 2014 @ 6:06 am Salty Dog

      What started as a real yawn turned into a stark demonstration of the relationship and necessary dichotomy that exists between the formal organization (Keen et al) and seven elected community reps (Davis et al).

      Two pompous asses on Council tried to blur that distinction and both demonstrated a complete lack of understanding of their elected responsibilities to community by actively attempting to alter the separation of spheres in representative governance.

      Both Davis and Verda-Aliga can flap their mouths ad naseum. Neither understand their elected roles and both demonstrated that ignorance in the full light of a community groundswell last night.

      The crowd, the rabble, the ignorant masses were on point last night. Things are looking up for Vallejo.


      • July 23, 2014 @ 8:37 am Sophia P.

        “The crowd, the rabble, the ignorant masses were on point last night. Things are looking up for Vallejo.”

        I was there last night, and there are only a handful of times I can count when I’ve felt this uprising of pride and love for our community. Last night was one of them. It was electric. It was raw, unplanned Democracy in action. The community woke from its summer slumber and showed up big time. While I’m sure the council didn’t appreciate the raucousness of the audience, the mayor needed and deserved it. He deserved the scorn, the anger, and the criticism. (Verder-Aliga? She didn’t get enough of it. She’s disgusting).

        It was so clearly obvious that the community didn’t trust the mayor, his intentions, or his words. And kicking it off by crying about people being mean to him and inciting the masses was lame. Wahhhhh. The Fidel Castro outfit really must have ticked him off (good job, Marc!). He got a comeuppance last night that was a long time coming.

        Once again Osby Davis’ own ego takes him down. He never learns his lesson.


    • July 23, 2014 @ 11:20 am Anonymous

      Quote: “Somebody needs to break the news to her that she wasn’t coronated, she was elected. She needs to stop with the royal attitude and get real. Thank God she only got the three-year seat and not the five year. She needs to GO.”

      Verder-Aliga is Vallejo’s Emelda Marcos. How the Vallejo Fil-Am power bloc got suckered into voting her for Council after her failure on School Board is a sign ethnic politicking doesn’t work. And this power bloc is angling for total control down the line. As for Osby, neither him nor any future Vallejo blacks have a chance to be elected with the Fil-Ams running things.


  3. July 23, 2014 @ 9:27 am wharf rat

    Vallejo “the gritty city by the bay”


  4. July 23, 2014 @ 11:23 am OjaiFireAgni

    ………….AND WE, THE PEOPLE, DID !! …………………..(@Vallejo City Council last night 7/22/14)………
    showing self-contradictions …

    Thank you Vice-mayor Sampayan, Councilmembers Miessner, Dew-costa, McConnel, Malgapo for saying NO on behalf of all of us who elected you!

    Pippin & Jess, there is no need to be torn or confused about this = THE FACTS WERE PRESENTED TO YOU BY 50 PEOPLE….the people spoke. Didn’t you undertstand what the amazing 93 year-old said? Thank you City Clerk Abramson for running the microphone to this tenacious elder!

    Now, as far as Councilmember Rosanna, we don’t understand her kiss-the-mayor approach ? What’s wrong with you? Did you not understand what the people said yesterday? Did you not see the overwhelming NO by all the people who waited for 5+ hours patiently and then, you vote YES?? How dare you disrespect the people who voted for you ? There are many organizations and people who will help you understand FACTS, if you truly mean well for the people, although “you’ve been there, done that”.

    Finally, Mayor Davis — here is the golden window of opportunity: please use this rejection /NO by the Vallejo Citizens to DO GOOD ANYWAY as you intended, without extra power,without extra money — Please serve the people’s agenda and regain their affection and respect — you still have 2-years to do it !


  5. July 23, 2014 @ 11:38 am Iñigo

    In the other article I said that Verder-Aliga and Malgapo would vote yes because I thought both had ambitions to be strong mayor. I was right about Verder-Aliga, and wrong about Malgapo. Sorry, Jess. I guess you have your sights on another target.

    Verder-Aliga for Mayor in 2016? God save us.


  6. July 23, 2014 @ 11:43 am tramky

    Whatever Mayor Davis’ proposal was, it was not an example of political leadership that deserves respect. Frankly, the way this proposal got onto the Agenda, and the actual wording of Davis’ supporting letter, revealed this thing as a craven political maneuver and nothing else. Nothing else because during the Council’s comment period, when Davis contributed his explanation on the subject, it made no sense. If you listened to what the Mayor said, and if you believe that what he was proposing was pretty much explained in full, it was really just about a raise in pay. If you believe Davis, very little else would change except he would make a certain kind of speech or presentation about the budget and City policies from time to time. It was as if he might be the elected Mayor, but if he was going to expend energy in speaking to the citizens of Vallejo it is gonna cost you more money. It was just bizarre.
    In that supporting letter, Davis used the phrase “the political leader in Vallejo”, the operative word being THE. Oh, really?!! THE political leader in Vallejo?! No, we don’t think so. There was more than a fair share of hubris in the proposal.

    But jamming this on the agenda of what was expected to be a long Council meeting as nearly the last item, and the fact that the item came up when? 11:00 PM? And all the so-called deadlines were in August–next month! And a Special Council meeting a week from now?! You’ve gotta be kidding us?

    Frankly, while I am generally OK with Sampayan’s motion to defer this until autumn, what SHOULD have happened is that this should have been deferred until the Council’s next goal-setting session in what? A year or two? And another Charter Amendment commission established to deal with this and any other proposed Charter changes.

    As Meissner generously suggested, part of this proposal may, in fact, have some merit. But NOT at 11 PM on a Tuesday night, NOT with a few days to prepare ballot wording, and not without a FULL vetting of the proposal through and through. This was the most crass political hijinks seen in this town in some time, and that is saying something. This kind of political leaderhip, if you can call it that, is precisely why this proposal should be vetted–and then dumped. Craven and crass–that about sums it up.

    But the real problem was the way this was done–an almost out-of-the-blue proposal to change the form of Vallejo’s government by a ballot initiative in less than 4 months, to alter the job description of the Mayor


  7. Monica

    July 23, 2014 @ 2:15 pm Monica

    It is so inspiring to see how well this city is doing since the citizens have become active in its operation. So many of us who never would have dreamed of being such vociferous and dedicated advocates HAVE made a difference. Let’s keep it up. Let’s become the most democratic city in the nation, in addition to being the most diverse, and the first to go bankrupt. We must all participate in a concerted effort to register and get to the polls those 84% of the populace who feel disenfranchised because of the attitude and actions of the past.

    Wherever you go, ask folks, “Are you registered to vote?” If we each help five new voters exercise their Constitutional right to participate, we will have 70% turnout instead of 15%.


  8. July 23, 2014 @ 4:19 pm T. Jefferson

    If it has taken the experience of the city going bankruptcy, the school district going into state receivership, the high crime rate, and the mayor’s grab for power to finally motivate the electorate, then this has been a good thing. Now, you need to keep it up.


  9. July 23, 2014 @ 5:51 pm Anonymous

    The 2-2 split in the Jumpstart slate on the “strong mayor” power grab is the end of John Riley as a power broker. Malgapo and Dew-Costa aren’t willing to be suckered so much apparently. Malgapo knows now he cannot trust Osby to deliver, and that will affect how the Vallejo Fil-Am power bloc operates in the future. And how embarrassed must Malgapo be today after telling the Filipino papers last year that nothing was going to break him and Verder-Aliga running and staying in office.


    • July 23, 2014 @ 7:10 pm Out of touch

      Sampayan gave everyone an out. If you will notice Jon Riley was not in attendance. The Jumpstarters will continue to vote as a block on key issues to them . Osby’s move for Stronger Mayor was so blatant that it would have been politically unwise to support him.
      Pippie would voted for next weeks special session and putting the stronger mayor on the ballot if she had not been given an out. Don’t kid yourself on her so called independence–she is as much a tool as Roz.


    • July 23, 2014 @ 8:40 pm Billy Goat

      I’d love to think that this broke the Jumpstart cabal, but I think it was only a spanking, not dissolution. That said, it was fascinating to see that even Dennis Yen himself did not give his full support to the strong mayor ploy, noting that the Charter Review Committee had taken months working through things.

      I do hope that Jess & Pippin remember this meltdown when the “bosses” are trying to tell them how to vote on future issues. One thing they need to remember is that Osby terms out, so he has no downside to making outrageous power plays — only upside. Everyone else on Council could run for re-election, and even though Vallejo voters are notoriously amnesiac, disenfranchised and/or “forgiving,” enough people might remember to make Jumpers regret ill-considered votes. Thankfully Bob S gave Jess & Pippin an out, and they showed some sanity, thank you Lord!

      Roz is almost certainly hoping for another term. Queen Roz, Rozilla, Ribbon-cutting Roz (there for ceremonies, not for work), Miss RTFM herself, distinguished by her utter disregard of information in the Council packets, not to mention what’s being presented at meetings. Hmm, why does she bother attending, she could just give the Mayor proxy power to vote for her, done. After her shameful role on the School Board, my expectations were low — but amazingly, she’s been worse than I expected, and that’s saying something! Jess & Pippin show some smarts & analytical abilities, even if I don’t agree with them all the time, and even if they tilt toward boss rule. Roz is just an empty suit, she adds no value at all. Phone it in babe, you’re not paying attention anyway!


      • July 24, 2014 @ 11:03 am Junior

        I figured Rozz would at least be smarter than Hermie, but she’s proven herself to be Hermie II. She doesn’t read her packets, she doesn’t understand the issues, she parrots “business, business, business” whenever there’s a question, no matter the question, and yet she’s too egotistical and arrogant to know she’s a complete idiot and an embarrassment, and that people are jeering and laughing at her because she’s laughably stupid. I didn’t think it could get worse than Hermie Sunga. But Rozz is proving that it can and is.


        • Vallejo Voter

          July 26, 2014 @ 2:28 pm Vallejo Voter

          Rozz plans on running for mayor. And remember, she was an idiot s President of the School Board so why expect her to be different.


  10. July 24, 2014 @ 10:00 am I'M PEACHy

    It was very interesting to see that the religious leaders and proponents there to support that churchy fast food restaurant (oh excuse me, I mean “quick service” ha!) had nary a word to say in support of Osby on Tuesday night. Maybe they too are learning from their past mistakes. Political leader for Vallejo?… He’s far from it.


  11. August 4, 2014 @ 10:40 pm salary & rank

    I had an “aha” moment about the salary that might have been in line with Osby’s power play. Although Osby apparently told people he was thinking the “strong mayor” salary would be in the $120-$200k range, salary is almost always determined by rank. Thus, our current City Manager earns more than the Chief of Police and the Fire Chief. I would bet that the “citizen committee on salary” would be led to a similar conclusion, that a “strong mayor” should also earn more than the other two Chiefs, and maybe even more than the current City Manager if Oz kept up the pretense that the CM would stay on. What’s the CM salary these days — around $300k?


    • August 5, 2014 @ 8:32 am too tempting

      Between the financial incentives for Oz, and how cosy a strong mayor would be for $pecial Interests, this gambit may not go away as quickly as we’d like. The one downside is that if Oz tries again, the election costs would be greater next year, as there isn’t anything else on the ballot.


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