REFERENDUM MADNESS — OR — How Cannabis is Sticking it to Vallejo City Hall

By Doug Darling —

Part 1


Referendum or Dead-end-em ???

Lets take a look at what happened in Vallejo recently. City Council finally gets around to an MMD Ordinance, 4 dispensaries may not seem like a lot to some, but hey, it appears to be a fair and balanced start. In late June, the “Application Process” begins. But hold on, not 24 hrs or so later, the application process for Vallejo MMDs to get underway is brought to a screeching halt! Why you might ask? Well, the MMD folks gathered enough signatures to stop the recent Ordinance adopted by City Council.

So what next? Well, that’s the crazy part, nothing has to happen right away, that’s right, nothing at all actually. The Council has several choices available to them, one of those choices is to do nothing for the next 12 months. So in a nutshell, the MMD Industry just stopped the whole process because they don’t feel the Ordinance is good enough, for them. That is certainly their choice. But what a gamble that is and what a mixed message that sends. The MMDs themselves just STOPPED the process. Council OPENED the door for the Measure C tax to start coming in and the MMD folks just CLOSED that door.

The bottom line is this, City Council approved and adopted an Ordinance and a process quite capable of providing safe access and medicinal marijuana to the residents of Vallejo.

These folks want up to 11 and possibly more Dispensaries in Vallejo, ( MC-11 ) Does Vallejo need 11 clubs? What happened to the needs of the patients? They are gambling the needs of the patients against the wants of the club owners, for shame. Not only are the patients being taken advantage of, this community is being taken advantage of. What everyone should be asking themselves is, who are the true leaders behind these bold moves? What are their true motives? Safe access seems to be no longer a main concern. Patients needs seems to be no longer a main concern. MORE, MORE and MORE, that seems to be the main concern.

Since the “fairness” of the selection process is being scrutinized, renegotiation’s should allow anyone to apply to the application process, not just those who are currently in operation.

To all Vallejo, As you are asked to support this industry in the future, be very cautious about what you support and why. Be sure you understand what is at stake. Is this about medicine, or money????

Part 2

“Intent to Recall”

Democratic Process or Lynch Mob ???

So, they get a referendum through, they file an “Intent to Recall” 4 City Officials and then say to the City Council, “ we ask you to please work with us “ From a community standpoint, it looks like these folks continue to muscle their way through Vallejo, violating land use ordinances, playing the sympathy card to get votes and threatening further with a recall. It appears they continue to just take what they want, that even includes our City Council. Though just an Intent at this point, no one should underestimate the level of this threat and the ability of the sympathetic vote to carry it out! The Council gave in quite a bit already, where does it stop? At what point will the Council say “enough is enough”? This new bargaining tool may have just set the Ordinance and Measure C back another 16 months. A bold and risky move, at the cost of the community and the patients. After another 16 months, Measure C may be a moot point?

Do not underestimate the outside forces pushing for what they call reform. Many of these local movement leaders and visionaries are not from Vallejo, they just “use” Vallejo to push their agenda. Manipulation is more like the name of the game. MMDs are a “Billion” dollar industry, If you don’t think it is about the money, you need to re-think whats happening to Vallejo. BEWARE.

Again, City Council approved and adopted an Ordinance capable of providing safe access and medicinal marijuana to the residents of Vallejo. Is a recall called for or is it an abusive bargaining tool?

Even though I do not agree with how much our City Council gave back in negotiations and concessions for dispensaries, I support my Council and you should too. These outside forces are pitting the Community against the City Council. They are saying you should support them as they demand a green key to this City. We have enough Bullies in Vallejo, the likes of Callahan, ABAG and a few more.

One simple rule folks. If you don’t know the facts for yourself, don’t sign anything, be informed!

This is “Your Vallejo” Support Vallejo! Support your City Council!

Part 3


When challenged with motives of this nature, transparency is part of the public process. Included are the Letters of Intent and the Responses.

Letter’s of Intent to recall Mayor Osby Davis, Vice Mayor Malgapo, Councilmember Dew-Costa, Councilmember Verder-Aliga:

Notice of Intent to Recall Mayor Osby Davis_060815

Notice of Intent to Recall Vice Mayor Jess Malgapo.060815

Notice of Intent to Recall Councilmember Pippin Dew-Costa_060815

Notice of Intent to Recall Verder-Aliga.Original_060815


Response letter from, Mayor Davis, Vice Mayor Malgapo, Councilmember Dew-Costa, Councilmember Verder-Aliga:

Mayor Davis Response

Vice Mayor Malgapo Response

Councilmember Dew-Costa Response

Verder-Aliga Response


Part 4

Right or Wrong ?

Please keep in mind when trying to understand whats happening to Vallejo, there is no “right or wrong”

in regards to current decisions being made by our City Council. Whether an Ordinance or a Selection Process, these are not grams or ounces to be tossed on a scale and scrutinized as right or wrong, there is no “standard of measure” when weighing these recent results of the City Council. It is a matter of balance. Trying to understand and balance the needs for the good of the community, that means Vallejo as a whole.

In Conclusion

Well, the shoving match has begun, apparently. I must say again, this no longer seems to be about safe access and patients needs. Council provided those opportunities and they have been rejected, now it seems to be about greed. It appears to me that the entire City of Vallejo is being held hostage by the motives of those behind this local movement. There is so much money at stake here. Its a “Green Rush” folks. Do not underestimate the true motives behind all this. Its always been about the money, that’s what makes the world turn. Its a business, but even business must have its limits.

If you support Medicinal Use, does that mean you need to support the current Referendum and Intention to Recall? Of course not. Many folks support Medicinal Use, yet they oppose too many storefronts. Don’t believe for a minute that you have to be all for or all against. Like everything else, it comes down to balance, in this case, what is healthy for Vallejo?

Now when the powers that be decide to file an intent to recall because they don’t like the Ordinance and or process, your threatening not only my City Council, your threatening the Waterfront Development, the General Plan Update and much more. There are extreme ramifications to removing 4 members of that body at one time. There are ramifications to even the threat of it.

Considering all matters, I hope Staff and City Council leverages the additional time they now have available to them, rethink what we are getting into, take a better look at the whole picture. Now is the time to stop and consider what legalization brings to the table vs medicinal. Using the new time frame provided by the referendum, this might be the perfect opportunity to set all this madness aside.

After all, any decision City Council might make from here out could be perceived as to duress or succumbing to the threat of recall, conflict of interest? Perhaps the best ethical and legal approach towards resolving this matter would be to abstain from any further involvement until the intent to recall has taken its course, that is, those whom are being threatened with Recall.

I strongly support my City Council and would urge all of Vallejo to do the same!


Note: All opinions expressed in this column are those of the writer and not necessarily those of the Vallejo Independent Bulletin

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  1. July 3, 2015 @ 8:07 am Anon

    So it appears that the council members that Morgan Hannigan et al want to keep in place are McConnell, Miessner and Sampayan?


  2. July 3, 2015 @ 8:28 am Bong Hit

    Let us leverage the efforts and intensity of the marijuana supporters and strike a deal. The taxpaying voters will give you control over the MJ ordinance in exchange for deep cuts in the Vallejo Housing Authority. Immediate halt to any further increase in low income housing. Let’s have a peaceful and low crime Vallejo where people in the region will come to enjoy themselves. This can never happen with sky hi levels of poverty and welfare recipients.


  3. July 3, 2015 @ 10:21 am wharf rat

    Rip grassroots , and the movement of yore , We have been high-jacked by a Circus of Cannabis CLOWNS with their lawyer the Ringmaster bearing his shitstained banner ”a paid piper” no less . ‘This is ‘Robot materialism’
    and small group political skull duggery / buggery that largely ignores existing and hard fought State Medical Marijuana laws that have existed now for many years and are very ”Patient centric” yet attempt to discourage the Corporatization of MMJ . After observing the political poop slinging by a self appointed small group of ”Robot Capitalists”or Marijuana merchants as the case may be who, buy out of town services to impose a council re-call and a totally self centric referendum that is ”mono” and simply a paid ploy to control a regional market place by applying bought political muscle
    it is no wonder that so many other Cities have banned MMD’s . Just what is at stake ? here, is it big profits for a small group of dispenseries that leverage a concentrated market in order to dominate it or is Patient access that is well served by delivery services Bay Area wide ? in 20l6 a paradigm shift will occur that will to an extent ”obsolete” store front dispenseries and greatly lower the costs and barriers of access to MMJ and possibly allow recreational use of MJ . If the MC ll think they will control the vallejo – regional market ”they must be smokin too much of their product” this adolescent attempt to dominate the local market is doomed , as a far larger ”food chain” will buy the legislation / rights to this market . Wall Mart is heavily in the game and has a global network of licenced Pharmacies with which to dispense this product and the resources and market savvy to guarantee product purity , as doe’s Amazon who can perform same day delivery . So in a nutshell , for Vallejo to expend funds and now lost political capitol to service this ”unevolved industry” makes no sense, a simple Council majority vote to not fund enforcement of given quantities of MMJ possesed by legitimate Patients or a given quantity by so called recreational users so as to not impede the access in any way for MMj Patients to their medication by embracing long existing State statutes as Cities such as Berkeley have done for decades which has a plethora of NON PROFIT Cooperatives many decades old that happily conform to State laws , these eclipse the few store front Marijuana Merchants in town and provide clean organic medicine to their members ”as per local ordinance” . Vallejo simply can enact emergency legislation to ensure Patient access as an interim measure while waiting a year or so for the ”big food chain”
    legislation to materialize that will ultimatley control this entire market and the associated politics , while not chaffing the Federal teat we are so addicted to . So to the Cannabis Capitalists nice try ”BAD ROBOTS” . A real Grass- roots movement might have been a better way to go .


    • July 3, 2015 @ 11:44 am Jeff Carlson

      I would like to take the opportunity to apologize to Mr. Darling for the ad hominem attacks leveled against him on a public forum. Let me make this perfectly clear. The individuals involved are not associated with the recall effort and I immediately contacted the person to remove the post suggesting otherwise when I saw it. The recall effort is a grassroots campaign that is completely separate from the dispensary owners referendum and their fight for survival.

      Our concern with the dispensary issue is the fact that more than three quarter of voters who went to the polls in 2011 directed city government to collect ten percent of the gross receipts from dispensaries on top of normal sales tax. Voters could have voted to ban dispensaries as the mayor wanted, but they didn’t. The council has simply failed to perform its ministerial and fiduciary duty to implement Measure C. By neglecting to engage in any rational deliberative process to develop sensible regulations, the mayor and his backers have allowed uncontrolled proliferation of dispensaries without taxation or operating standards – the worst of all possible worlds. They have thrown away millions of our tax dollars with this foolishness and it’s likely to cost us many millions more before they are done. This is not the progressive leadership Vallejo needs to pull us out of the economic malaise of the recent past.

      We are tired of watching young families move out of town rather than send their children to our schools. We want our police force fully staffed and the vacant storefronts occupied with tax revenue-generating businesses. We are fed up with having our city government publicly linked with the voices of an intolerant minority. We are unhappy with the mixed messages, lack of vision, and cronyism at city hall. This fight is much bigger than the survival of individual dispensaries or patient access. We certainly support them as a matter of fairness. When voters invite dispensaries in and the city issues business licenses, the matter should be settled. But the recall effort is not an extension of their fight. It is about building a lasting coalition to shake up a status quo that is not working for our citizens on many levels. The dispensary controversy is just one more glaring example of political dysfunction and the need for a change in leadership.


      • July 3, 2015 @ 12:33 pm Bryan Rosenthal

        Thank you Jeff Carlson for clarifying. It is so important that people begin to understand, they can have a voice, and can make a difference in local government. I have engaged with so many disenfranchised Vallejo residents for so many different reasons.From the seniors that feel they don’t have a voice, to the LGBTQ community that feels some local politicians aren’t compassionate towards their lifestyle, to the evironmentalists and watershed alliance, to the kids that don’t feel safe, to the homeowners that need better roads, to overwhelming feeling of a lack of separation of church and state in our local government, to the business owners that feel there is a lack of local leadership to encourage economic growth, and yes the medical cannabis community, and more. Supporting a recall seems more like a commitment to ending the status quo and real hope for culture change in our city government. Thank you Jeff for making it clear.


  4. July 3, 2015 @ 11:34 am Rick Mariani

    The Council, mostly under the direction of Osby and his three minions, blew the entire process! Osby originally wanted them all shut down but somehow got it in his head that 2 was the maximum amount of clubs he would allow.
    There were 11 clubs paying taxes and it seemed to me an easy equation by allowing those 11 to remain open and closing the rest. So the Council began by refusing to accept the tax money ( even though the city is cash strapped)!
    Then after months of meetings and protests etc. they went from 2 to 4 dispenseries allowed with the Chief of Police as the person to decide who gets the permits. (This was another stupid idea that sets up possible corruption in the process)
    They should have just kept the 11 who were compliant and none of this stalling, signature gathering, threats of recall etc. would have happened!
    Osby is the main weasel behind the mistake! Without his incessant religiousity this ordinance and problem would have been quickly resolved!


  5. July 3, 2015 @ 2:41 pm P. HENRY

    Now is the time for all good men to step back a bit, slow down, and determine what should be done about this spinning out of control MMD situation. If it continues it will cost the city the presence of at least one good company now here, and perhaps one really good and needed company from coming here due to the instability in the council form of government. It could drive a very professional and capable manger away, and many of his senior staff members. In short, the destruction could be as severe, or worse, as caused by the bankruptcy. And for what?

    To the recall people, ask yourself if these consequences are what you want and a good outcome? To the dispensaries, what degree of damage are you willing to inflict in order to have your business permitted to continue or return if you were actually one of those that closed at the request of the city? To those opposed to any, or even a limited number of dispensaries, ask yourself whether it has really impacted your life or is it something that you just do not like?

    The referendum at least presents the chance for a dialogue to begin. That discussion needs to be in good faith with give and take. Whatever emerges as a compromise needs to be balanced and accepted by people not with either the city or the dispensaries.

    The recall is designed to replace council members who have voted against the dispensaries, or, more correctly stated, with the dispensaries in the way they feel is needed. One issue candidates who replace elected officials normally don’t help the overall situation once that one issue is resolved. Vallejo needs so many things. That need presents the demand that all involved work together. One way to do that is to agree to drop the recall IF there is a rational compromise on the dispensary issues. [Jumpers are not where loyalty is needed.] But, there is an election in 2016. The Mayor is termed out of the mayor’s chair and will no longer have a vote unless he wants to run for a council position. Verda-Alliga has to run. Malgapo and Dew-Costa don’t. All the recall does is cause enough turmoil to prevent the focus by the council on the real problems needing to be addressed. [Like how to have income if one major company leaves in the face of this turmoil, and the other decides they don’t need to be somewhere as disruptive as this]. Can any of you say [or remember] the Touro Cancer research center that did not come here after Mayor Davis engineered the firing of that city manager? It is time for cooler heads to prevail and a resolution of this situation to be found. The dispensaries demand too much, they lose those of us who want to see the tax revenue because we then view them as bad corporate citizens. The city demands too much and it prevents a deal from being reached. he recallers continue to fester the wound and tax/job generating businesses don’t come or leave. This could become a liberty or death situation unless we find middle ground.


    • July 4, 2015 @ 7:40 am Bong Hit

      I’m no Davis fan by any stretch of the imagination but the Touro Cancer research center was a fraud from the outset. What Touro wanted was cheap/free land for developing office space. They lied about their partnership with Siemens corporation. There was never a financial plan for a billion dollar plus particle gun, the economics of the Vallejo market and surround communities would not support the project but there were some bad apples in the Touro organization who tried to steal MI land from the good citizens of Vallejo. These two scoundrels were yanked out of Vallejo by the Touro executives back in New York city to avoid a public relations disaster. Too late Touro.

      Touro, bad reputation and lost credibility.


  6. July 3, 2015 @ 4:41 pm curious

    what do the MMD owners have to do with the vallejo housing authority?


  7. July 3, 2015 @ 6:22 pm Port Parrot

    Careful what you wish for.

    If Jess and Pipin are recalled you get Liat and Tony. If you recall the Mayor you get Schively. If you recall Rosanne, and if Schively chooses the Mayors slot, you get Ronald Johnson.


    • July 4, 2015 @ 11:52 am Reader

      I’ll take Liat and Schively any day!


  8. July 3, 2015 @ 7:48 pm recall the recall

    Remember when Gov Davis was recalled and 100s (135 to be exact) threw their hats in the ring. It’ll be the same for Vallejo. A frickin 3 ring circus and NOT good for Vallejo. Thanks MMDs for thinking of only yourself and your profits. You’re no better than big banks, pushing us around with your $. Bunch of bullies.


    • July 4, 2015 @ 11:56 am Reader

      Davis was a disaster for the state, and thanks to the Recall, Californians for the first time got to hear Peter Camejo speak on television. He was the only one who challenged the status quo in a serious way. What you describe as a three ring circus is actually the so-called ‘democracy’ we drop bombs for all over the world — it sounds like all you want is the corporate owned candidates to be allowed to speak. In an actual democracy, everyone has a fair chance.


  9. July 3, 2015 @ 8:05 pm curious

    i’m not sure but i don’t think that’s how this recall would work. i don’t think the next highest vote getters would automatically move into those seats. does anyone KNOW the definative answer? no speculation, just facts about what the process is to select replacements for those recalled.


  10. July 4, 2015 @ 12:12 am wharf rat

    To All Parties that expect to PROFIT from the RETAIL distribution of Cannabis in Vallejo , weather payed in cash or ”bud” , the locals have a ”real world” concept of this whole scheme . Vallejo has become a TERMINAL distribution City for Marijuana , ”the Marijuana hub of the north bay” . By virtue of not having the wisdom or even stones, to guide this impending issue that many other Cities are dealing with . This false / ”toung in cheek” HUGE ECONOMY has corrupted otherwise ineffective Idiots to turn in circles , such as Vallejo’s Mayor .. He is torn by the potential profit , while being totally conflicted by His inability to capitalize on this expanding market but also being ”torn” by his vows as a ”Marketplace Christian” , subjected to Ministerial controls , such as those that CONTROL the VCUSD . Bad bed-fellows , lead to bad outcomes , and using our Children as a political foil or worse can bear HORRIBLE results . A recall is not required for the Mayor He has , given enough evidence to justify His removal . It only remains to put the puzzle pieces together before He resigns . His head stone should bear a refrence to the BROWN ACT …..


  11. July 4, 2015 @ 7:56 am tramky

    This is such nonsense. The MMDs were never good actors in this town–their reputation and respectability is just about nil. The idea that some people behind these operations would try to unseat elected officials is distasteful at best. Recalls must be left for dealing with malfeasance and crimes committed in office, not as reaction to a fit of pique by a gaggle of manipulators.

    We want–we demand–the NAMES of those people pushing the petitions and other actions. They will be held accountable. As for the City Council–a couple of members may be terming out with the next election cycle–Davis most notably. We can endure the dolt until then, though it won’t be pretty.


    • July 16, 2015 @ 9:26 am Bryan

      Read the petition, all the proponents are on it. Only one mmd proprietor is on it. It is a citizen run campaign, and there will be replacement candidates. It is about a new fair Vallejo, not MMDs profiting.


  12. July 4, 2015 @ 12:19 pm Bong Hit

    This is what happens when there are very few jobs available to people, they find a way to support themselves. We would all probably be surprised to learn how many people in the west coast are making a living in the mj industry. I don’t see a good reason to criminalize the stuff. After all, there are all kinds of cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco available to give oneself throat cancer so why single out mj for criminalization. This entire “crime” scenario surrounding mj is really just a protectionist move on behalf of long time tobacco and alcohol interests. I say lets tell them they have had vote buying and influence peddling for far too long. it’s time to restore these basic freedoms of choice to the citizens of this country.


    • July 4, 2015 @ 9:08 pm wharf rat

      Yes ”BONG HIT” you echo the concerns of many Vallejo’ins , but fail to realise the looming and un-evolved reality of a Municipal Government allowing or in fact authorising the ”condoned” distribution of ”medication” of high potency psycoactive Herbal based
      ”self medication” …. Considering that potency has increased l,000 fold since the 70’s ,mainly due to breeding and genetic engineering
      this once innocent Herb has been Frankinsteined into a STRONG psycoactive DRUG … Even Cheech Marin has weighed in on this paradigm shift re Cannabis in general … Without standards such as found in the USP or other respected organizations a Municipal Corporation has no ability to codify any regulation or in fact even regulate Cannabis in any respect whatsoever , because there are no baselines or even standards to apply … Sad that the Local Cannabis industry had just shy of FOUR years to self regulate or at least develop quality standards to ensure continuity and realistic QAQC were incorporated into local ordinance …. But Adolescent and impacted cerebral cortex issues seem to have controlled or prevented an Adult conclusion .. Then there is the BIG MONEY factor , without knowing the at least average gross recipts of MMD’s how can the public even understand their bullshit rhetoric and propaganja … To date you have NOT given any real info to Us the public yet expect Us to participate in draconian re-call , special interest funded political mash up’s that are not defined in any way nor even have one ray of transparency or even definition
      of potential outcomes … Unless ———————————— please whistle blowers post …


  13. silasbarnabe

    July 6, 2015 @ 6:27 am silasbarnabe

    The great Ozz, and Verder Aliga have earned to be recalled. Dew-Costa and Malguapo are too clueless to hold these offices and are nothing more than blow up dolls taking up chairs in the clowncil chamber. I have to ask Doug Darling who has already brought the local Green Party in a direction counter-clockwise of what a green party should be ( a group of environmental extremists that lack even diversity) and now he is making arguments to support the group above despite what they have done for Vallejo? Opening fast food like Chiq Filet and shutting down the pot dispensaries has is not what I consider a financially sound direction.


    • July 7, 2015 @ 11:01 pm Anon

      You mean more clueless than:

      “Councilmember Katy Miessner said that the interstate has such an impact on the city, she wondered if there were any ways to “soften up,” the route and make it not so impactful on the city.

      She also stated that I-80 has “too many” entrances and exits in the city.”

      Too many entrances?


      • silasbarnabe

        July 8, 2015 @ 6:05 am silasbarnabe

        Try reading the MTC, STC, Caltrans Freeway and future plans report. Caltrans has been closing on/offramps for 25 years in Contra Costa and Alameda counties and now they have made there way to Solano County to do the same thing with or without local input. Since Ozz, Pippie, Ariba, and Malguapo like closing things, one would think they would enjoy participating in closing ramps.


        • July 8, 2015 @ 12:46 pm Anon

          All I can find is adding HOV lanes through Vallejo and improving the Redwood Parkway interface. Nothing about making fewer on/off ramps, just improving the existing ones. Got a link to the closures?

          In any event, her comments make her eligible for the blow up doll status you identified in your previous post.


        • July 8, 2015 @ 12:56 pm Publicus

          Interstate 80 through Vallejo was designed and built years ago. Highway standards have changed and so too has the economy of Vallejo. No more Navy that can support lots of cheap motels with easy access to the freeway. Different times, different needs. With the long overdue (1982) General Plan underway, protecting older neighborhoods from through traffic and increasing livability has risen to citizen consciousness. We did not need that elevated freeway along the waterfront (once planned) that resulted in Georgia and other downtown roadways cut off from the waterfront which have now been reconnected. And we don’t need a 4 lane speedway from Highway 37 to the downtown through vulnerable National Register neighborhoods (Sacramento) because the massive downtown redevelopment envisioned in 1960 never materialized. Same with Georgia Street with the front yards of elegant historic homes chopped off for extra travel lanes that are not really needed for good traffic flow. This is the problem with having City staff addicted to chasing Federal dollars. They will build anything, no matter how stupid, to qualify for the grant money to pad their salaries. Thing of the last disaster…. the waterfront parking garage with huge green tanks sucking up contaminated water flooding the lower level. It is long past time to rethink access on and off the major roadways and the roadway standards within Vallejo. Vallejo has too many badly designed freeway access points with curves too tight and gradients wrong. Also, when the Interstate was designed, the right-of-way take was way narrower than current standards so there is little room for sound walls and decent landscaping. Time for Caltrans to step up because the sections of the State roadways through Vallejo show the obvious disdain that Sacramento and the Solano Supervisors have for us .


      • July 12, 2015 @ 12:57 pm tramky

        Miessner is largely correct about I-80; there ARE too many entrances & exits, a number of them are literally unsafe due to their old, outdated designs with short runups/runouts, merging of slow & fast-moving traffic at too-short entrance/exit ramps, and other little nightmares. It all looks old, old-fashioned and dangerous.

        But CalTrans won’t be dealing with the Hwy 37 nightmare for a decade or more, so much action on I-80’s problems is unlikely anytime soon.


  14. July 8, 2015 @ 2:54 pm wharf rat

    Things are moving fast in the medical cannabis world , finally some Consumer protection regulations are coming by the bowl full
    This National ”change of state” is sweeping the Country and soon will render our local MJ fiasco obsolete as big Corporate interests
    will subsume this market with their army’s of lobbyists and big campaign contributions , combined with their new found/bought rights of free speech these conglomerates will dominate the marketplace . the small cannabus retailer will soon be a thing of the past such as independent gas stations and corner stores and many ”Mom and Pop” businesses , soon obtaining one’s medical MJ or recreational ”stash” will simply be like ordering a pizza from a chain like Dominoes . Super efficient systems such as Amazon will provide same or next day delivery of MMJ with product certification and guarantees not found at most MMD’s . Certified , vacuum packed bud will be irresistable for consumers and at a lower cost than traditional MMJ retailers, will put independant MMD’s out of business . Heard that drones will be delivering the product , they will have groovy paint schemes and will blast a Pink Floyd riff when landing , these will also carry the requisite cargo of munchies , ”a one drop wonder” . This article is a mere microsm of what is ”fast tracking” in our State and nationaly
    seems the ”green rush” is exploding all over , so why is a special interest group funding a recall and referendum when the entire MMJ climate will experience a ”global” shift via legislation even before 20l6 ? , the fervor and evangelism smack of ”marketplace Ministries” with similar rhetoric and propaganda , confused messages and almost total lack of illumination .. After much thought the obvious conclusion is that this is simply a local ”market control” attempt trying to use the ”local control” element of impending legislation to restrict competition to a small group ”who is paying for future market dominance” while blindly missing the boat Captained by the much bigger fish doing the same thing on a much larger scale and with l00,000 times the power . Factoring all the ”big picture” issues , spending public funds on this seems like a fools errand , possibly as foolish as expecting to control a market in the sights of the Corporate elite .
    Here is an snippet of the article but please read the whole thing .

    ”Other pending assembly bills that would regulate the medical cannabis industry are AB 266, which would standardize medical cannabis licenses process, which is currently regulated by a “crazy quilt” of policies and ordinances that change with county lines. It would also provide statewide regulations to ensure the quality of medical cannabis and edibles. AB 243 would apply water quality laws to the pot farming industry. AB 305 would toughen laws for hash lab operators who start residential fires or injure people through negligence, though the legislation appears to have stalled in committee. And growers who pollute forests would face harsher penalties if SB 165 is signed into law.”


  15. July 9, 2015 @ 1:50 pm wharf rat

    Dispensary raid in San Jose
    ”Law enforcement has raided a pot shop in San Jose that was not licensed to operate as a medical marijuana distributor. Tony Kovaleski reports. (Published Thursday, Jul 9, 2015)”

    A short while ago a news crew from this station NBC was seen entering Vallejo City Hall rumor is there will be a breaking story on tonights news at 5:00 and 6:00 on a Vallejo issue .


  16. July 11, 2015 @ 9:13 pm wharf rat

    While some might think I am ”Bogarting” this thread I must concede to the VIB
    ethos of ”Information is better than misinformation” So in respect to the sunshine
    that this site has ”projected” now for years I provide some insite from one of My most favorite sites from the Main stream WEB ….. Since the proponents of , or better known as the MC ll have , a collective media shut down ”such as Government agency’s do when they obey their handlers” One can only assume that certain ”CONTROLLERS” are dictating all messages
    from this group .. So to the MC ll are you controlled by your lawyers or other special interests ? or are you really Community oriented ? .. Remember when you take their money they own you for a long time if not forever ..


  17. July 13, 2015 @ 12:17 pm Rhonda Chadwick

    I wish to state a few things. I am a patient I am the leader of collective. We serve our elders.
    We are not drug dealers as alledged by some. We received the first official license by Vallejo.
    We work with older folks fighting cancer ms lupus Parkinson’s ect.
    We are tired of being misunderstood. Stop manipulating the actions of our community which is under attack. Stop labeling as the bad guys,we are not. Practicing democracy and healing ourselves outside big pharma is our right which we have fought hard for. Stop labeling me aprifiteer, a profit machine because I am not and have NEVER taken a salary nor taken money out of this. I in fact spent my retirement funds to build it up and helps others as I have helped myself…. With the plant and my brain. Just ask GOD !!!! He knows! He gave me the plant to use… CBD oils .. Study it educate yourselves about it.. Then we can talk. We wish to heal ourselves. Perhaps someday you will need my services. Cancer is deadly and ugly bad way to go. If we use something that helps fight cancer why would anyone stand in the way. It is our bodies … Very much peace love and healing to all.. Rhonda Chadwick


    • July 13, 2015 @ 10:04 pm Anon

      Are you referring to: “Then there is the BIG MONEY factor , without knowing the at least average gross recipts of MMD’s how can the public even understand their bullshit rhetoric and propaganja “


      • July 13, 2015 @ 11:40 pm wharf rat

        Good point , why operate out of commercial storefronts with the sticky zoning issues if this industry is in fact philanthropic , just dont make sense , some tax returns would clear up a lot of speculation by the public .


        • July 14, 2015 @ 11:07 am SAVEMEASUREC



  18. July 18, 2015 @ 9:51 am wharf rat

    The latest MSM articles on ”the weed beat” .

    Competing Buds in Our Nation’s Capital | Legalization Nation | East Bay Express

    Cannabis Legalization Campaigns Gearing Up | Legalization Nation | East Bay Express

    Oregon Explains “What’s Legal?” About Marijuana — Starting July 1 | Legalization Nation | East Bay Express

    Marijuana Delivery App Battle: Harborside Taps GreenRush | Legalization Nation | East Bay Express


  19. August 2, 2015 @ 6:39 pm tramky

    City Hall should contact the DEA and request that the Feds enforce Federal law. Any marijuana sales are ILLEGAL under Federal statutes. The winking and nodding that has become common practice in this country in order to circumvent the will of Congress and the citizens of this country has gone quite far enough and must be ended. People must be arrested by the Feds on Federal charges and brought before the Federal bar for proper justice. There are NO legal marijuana dispensaries anywhere in this country. And don’t bother whining about the illegal schemes that have been fomented over the last number of years–it is ALL just phony illusion. Selling marijuana is ILLEGAL. Period. No discussion. Enforce the laws.


  20. August 4, 2015 @ 7:29 pm little chimney

    Amusing reading so many idiotic comments, except to think as a mmj patient, I need market competition to bring the prices down and quality, access, and service up.


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