Primal Scream – A final appeal to the City Council on PB

By Ravi C. Shankar


Dear Mayor Davis, Vice-Mayor Sampayan,Council-members McConnel, Miessner, Malgapo, Ver-Aliga and Dew-Costa:

I found last week’s discussion on the city budget and Measure-B & PB was perplexing for two reasons:  with a few exceptions, straight and factual answers were not aggressively demanded from the city manager; many contradictory and unrealistic/untruthful statements coming from the manager and his team were not challenged.


  • Remember, those of you on council last year voted to support Measure-B/PB.  I assume those of you newly elected members have been made aware of this.   Many voters contributing to campaigns want the full 10-year PB cycle 2012-2022, and to the regular levels of $2 to 4 million/year.
  • Mr. Kean acknowledges budget mistakes have been made and he needs to be accountable and responsible in correcting them. His department’s delays in releasing funds to Year-1 PB projects feels like a punishment to the PB process which has brought nothing but tremendous goodwill and National/Global attention on Vallejo.
  • PB, like Measure-B and the rest of the City’s Budget items, needs to be addressed as an integral part of City of Vallejo’s Projects – not SEPARATE.  You all appear to want the good recognition and the photo ops and the White-House honor, but not to give PB its deserved funding each year.
  • I recommend that Mr. Kean take responsibility for these funding delays by asking you, the City Council,  for a Special 1-Time Resolution to Approve Releasing the Funds immediately after the Community Voting this year.  The Council then votes to approve this one-time special discretion now, so the public sees that PB volunteers are not to be blamed and     Mr. Kean will appears to make up for accountability.
  • Mayor Davis is right when he pointed out that there is no reason that the rule book for PB couldn’t be expanded/developed to match economics and the City’s needs.
  • Regarding Councilmember Miessner’s request for a RESOLUTION which may “assure’ the public, it may end up as sweet talk at best, with a full potential of being ignored next year – just like so many others previous councils and the new councils have shamelessly indulged in scant disrespect to the public sentiment and service via close-door sessions.
  • It is perplexing that Councilmember McConnell and Vice-Mayor Sampayan did not mention exactly what they support (both PB and Funding for 2015) As well, Councilmembers Malpago, Dew-Costa and Verder-Aliga who stated their full and whole-hearted support of PB but now don’t appear to have the integrity to defend their promise and commitment to its funding in 2015 and therefore, the people who elected them.
  • Often people say:  “watch what the elected officials SAY and watch what they DO later!  People are not dumb,  Councilmembers !  If you let the PB Volunteers and the Vallejo community down, you will lose your support base, your honor and your dignity – we have the power to take proactive steps to bring back accountability and campaign promises.  PB got more votes by the people (4000 or so) than some of you in your election to the City Council !!
  • By the way, I did not receive a response from Mr. Keen’s office when I wrote to him in May, 2014.  I mailed you all a copy of the same and it was published in the local media for all to see and introspect.

Ladies & Gentlemen, please do NOT go easy and lightly on the Manager for his misguiding “recommendations” on PB, but demand facts, truth and factual accountability to do his job by not punishing a process that has done so well by any and all counts.

Thank you for your re-consideration and voting for PB and funding PB each year until 2022.  You will see soon what a great legacy it will have for your own term in office and for our City.


 Note: All opinions expressed in the “Primal Scream” column are those of the writer and not necessarily those of the Vallejo Independent Bulletin.


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  1. Ghost Writer

    June 23, 2014 @ 1:13 pm Ghost Writer

    Excellent letter Ravi.


    • June 23, 2014 @ 7:52 pm Ravi Shankar

      You scared me Ghost Write with your cute logo (reminds me of ghostbusters!!)

      Thank you for your support of PB.

      PB SHALL Prevail.


  2. June 23, 2014 @ 4:35 pm Anne

    I agree with Ravi — it’s time for Council members to take action to support PB, not just talk about how wonderful a program it has been — and then cut its funding.

    If the Council can somehow find $2million to spare at the last minute — currently earmarked for a $313k new hire salary and a $1.7 million LED conversion project — they can find the funds for PB. At any rate, I’m still very curious where the extra $2 million came form. What got de-funded for it?

    PB’s successes are unmatched in Vallejo:
    — PB brought together a cross-section of ages, genders, and ethnic groups across the city — better than any thing other program I can think of.
    — PB brought out literally thousands of people to vote, and hundreds of people to generate project ideas. What other program has engaged so many at such a deep level?
    — Citizens collaborated and developed CONSENSUS for a wide range of projects, including infrastructure, safety, culture, youth, seniors, education. In terms of representing a broad cross-section of community interest, PB has been hugely successful.
    — PB has given Vallejo its best and broadest image-building since the launch of the last submarines. Getting invited to the White House, and being held up as an example of a community that turns itself around should not be dismissed.

    I think the Council would be making a huge mistake to damage the momentum PB has built. If anything, I think the City needs to embrace it more fully. We are almost guaranteed to have scarce, insufficient budgets for at least the next 5 years, probably the next 10 years. PB lets the community decide how to allocate scarce resources — while also building community, and engaging citizens to work WITH the City, and WITH each other.


  3. June 23, 2014 @ 7:50 pm Ravi Shankar

    I could not have stated better…..

    Thank you ANNE for your honest, timely communication.

    PB SHALL Prevail !!!


  4. June 24, 2014 @ 3:16 am wharf rat

    WOW Anne yes the last Submarines , kinda like the last real City Managers , or the last real department managers , who had workboots under their desks who would turn to in an emergency …….. I remember the Sailors walking up tennessee street in their whites , being ashore seeking their particular den of iniquity …….. I remember the public works managers turning to and diving into a trench to fix a pipe break .. I remember the old K-Mart store , and the kress store with .50 a scoop ice cream … I have fond memories of the Grotto (at the launch ramp) A working man’s/ gals lunch joint with great prices … Real grit and great grub , the fish was never overcooked and in season the crab louis were hugley beyond imagination / more crab than lettuce (dont know how they did it) but totally awsome .. the pan fried Calamari was to die for , simple and so yummy ….. Back in the early 80’s a snapper fillet meal (with numerious sides) cost about $4.50 + an iced tea = $5.change + tip = what a deal !!! What a loss that they went out of business ….. They cooked the seafood perfectily every time . yuuuum … Every friday i miss this old iconic lunch joint and salivate just thinking about the pan fried Calamari .


  5. June 27, 2014 @ 7:45 am Bong Hit

    This President and his administration are arguably the most incompetent in the history of the United States. Just think about the suffering and damage Obama has caused around the world. A weak America means the whole world is in danger of evil men and evil, blood thirsty regimes. Here at home Obama, his advisers and his incompetent right hand Valerie Jarret have created a humanitarian crisis unseen at our domestic border. Chicken Pox, Tuberculosis, Scabies, Mumps now threaten all of us and our loved ones. Shameful lousy progressive socialists.

    Impeach Obama.


    • June 30, 2014 @ 8:48 pm DecentAmerican

      To the BONG Hit person in Vallejo ?
      Before you judge Obama, imagine a world where US credibility was so damaged by the bush admn. Aout 6 billion people of the world condemned it; Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez rightly called him DIABLO … the military establishment PINAC have created and caused more damage people like you and me will not really understand.

      American’s strength is NOT (ever) in its military establishment and power…but what, how and when they rise to the crises in the world throughout history. Americans have rallied like no one else to bring relief, lessen suffering, comfort the hurt and unite humanity in an extraordinary authentic way. That is a strong America…not ICBMs, Nukes, Drones, your ability to shout at others, etc.

      You look back at your statement in 2016 and also when you turn 40 or 50 or 60…..and I will do the same. May you be inspired by great Americans.


  6. June 30, 2014 @ 6:30 am Ya kitty tack

    PB is a great expression of the peoples will. The council members need to defend it an let the people use it.


  7. July 1, 2014 @ 9:19 am Publicus

    Look behind the curtain. Perhaps the reason that PB must be destroyed is exactly that it has enlivened the citizenry, focused national positive attention on Vallejo and created networks of collaboration unseen for years. Our overseers, who by nature of their obscene compensation packages, fall into the “upper, supermanager class” are so greedy that they want it all…every penny. They don’t want an engaged citizenry. They want a numbed, dumbed down and complacent citizenry that will just roll over and take it. The numbers being fudged in City Hall indicate that Vallejo is well on its way to another bankruptcy and staff knows it, looting every penny before the doors close for good and they can collect their bloated retirement checks from Calpers forever.


    • July 1, 2014 @ 12:00 pm decentamerican

      ………they wil continue to loot, ONLY IF WE THE PEOPLE, LET THEM !!

      so, just sharing this with everyone you know….every social media………regular media……..every state, national politician…. let’s see if they ever feel ashamed….and get caught ….and pay a price.


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