Participatory Budgeting VOTE begins Saturday!!

Ed. note: VIB welcomes all Participatory Budgeting related submissions, but does not endorse any specific project.
By David Belef
Please spread the word and vote for:
3 in 1 !  Bike lanes for Safety and Convenience
Waterfront Promenade: Ramp to Mare Island Causeway
  –Why should we vote for bike Lanes and a waterfront ramp?
Bike Lanes –we will come back to that……
Waterfront Ramp project:
This is a “Capital” project –that is a project with long-term benefits and durability (my definition). It is an INVESTMENT in our collective future that just so happens to have immediate use benefits as well as the more difficult to measure, enduring payback. This particular project also has a very low maintenance cost –minimal at best.
 It is hard to argue that a pleasant, safe, convenient, well-built, attractive, useful structure wouldn’t add lasting value to any community.
There are many worthy projects that made it to the PB ballot this year and many others that should have been included but were not.
Few though have such broad appeal in so far as they could qualify under most of the categories/committees of Participatory Budgeting.
One could say that this is a Beautification, Economic Development, Traffic/Safety, Natural/Historic Resources, Arts/Community, and Parks/Recreation project  with out reaching too far, and with a little stretch, I’d argue that indirectly it will benefit those under the umbrellas of Employment/Training, Education and At-Risk Populations, based upon the PB committee criteria.
Yes, I’m taking this a bit far, but it is straight from the defined PB Committee ideas listing.
3 in 1!  Bike Lanes for Safety and Convenience
As transportation costs rise, obesity proliferates, and recreational opportunities dry up, Vallejo will need to accommodate an increase in the most efficient and least expensive cure for these issues: Bicycling.
Historically children, workers and business, among others, have used bicycles to get from place to place. It is a shame and an embarrassment to discover how few currently utilize this valuable mode of transportation. There are many reasons for this sad trend –our project proposes to address one of them –lack of safe Bike Lanes.
Support a responsible approach to our children’s safety  by voting YES for:
3 in 1 !  Bike Lanes for Safety and Convenience
These are only 2 of 25 projects on the ballot –this means you as an eligible voter, may choose an additional 3 projects!! Yay!!
***Full Disclosure:  I am a Participatory Budgeting Delegate on the Transportation and Safety Committee and personally worked on the “3 in 1!-Bike lanes for Safety and Convenience”, and the “Waterfront Promenade: Ramp to Mare Island Causeway”  projects.
   My experience has on the whole,  very positive and I feel that the staff and volunteers through-out this process have been accessible, and forthright. In fact, PB has renewed my faith in the city of Vallejo, it’s citizens and employees. Thank you all for the opportunity to work with you.
Read the Participatory Budgeting Guidelines, Ballot information, and ABOVE all, VOTE!! Cast all 5 (five) votes for your preferred 5 projects.
****HERE are LINKS to dates/places for voting, and general PB info:
Thank you for your support.


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