High Expectations for Cayangyang

By Paula McConnell

To paraphrase a line from the recent brilliant movie “The Imitation Game”- ‘sometimes the very people you least imagine will do unimaginable things’. That phrase just about sums it up for the newly appointed Vallejo school board trustee, Ruscal Cayangyang. Many people had dismissed Cayangyang during his campaign bid for a position on the local school board. Some opined that he is far too young, too inexperienced, and lacks sufficient life skills to become an effective school board member. Trustee Cayangyang is an extremely intelligent person. He thinks critically, thoughtfully and deeply. As a graduate of Vallejo High School, he well knows the local school system. Having attended U.C. Berkeley he has demonstrated discipline. What’s more, he knows the Education Code possibly better than anyone currently sitting on the Vallejo school board. He will accomplish many great things during his two year term, and he will thereupon surprise and delight many people. And just remember, Mozart created his first musical work at the age of four.

Compliments and kudos are extended to existing Vallejo school board trustees Ward Stewart, Raymond Victor Mommsen and Burky Worel who ultimately voted to appoint Cayangyang to the school board. They each showed deep courage of conviction and honored the democratic process which recognizes the sanctity of the American vote. Ruscal Cayangyang won the last Vallejo school board election fair and square. He worked very hard to do so. He will emphatically not disappoint the Vallejo community; it is that simple.

A new day and a new dawn will soon occur within the Vallejo school district. Hopefully full light will be shed upon any and all attempted cover-ups, bribes, misuse of funds, violence in the classrooms, unreported teacher hospitalizations due to student attacks, rampant classroom theft, covered up sexual assaults on campuses, or any other possible examples of hidden corruption or infractions. We have had enough of the abominable Vallejo schools which have kept good families from moving here, driven quality families to move out, and which have deterred incoming businesses from choosing to locate in our little jewel of a city by the bay. Wise men have told us that where there is light, there is hope, and it is always darkest before the dawn. Well, we are at a new low having far too long suffered low school scores, extremely low graduation rates and bottom level school rankings within the Bay Area. There is tremendous violence and chaos within Vallejo classrooms with an unprecedented three Solano County Grand Jury reports to document same. Those reports alone speak volumes toward making a disgusting case against this school district. What is even more telling is that the Vallejo school district ranks 163 out of 167 on the API (Academic Performance Index), and it has sunken to the lowest 5% ranking in the entire state of California. Even more egregious is that some Vallejo school classes have not had a full-time accredited teacher all year, and must suffer through a different un-credentialed substitute teacher (translate -sitter) every thirty days. Seasoned teachers are leaving faster than fish can swim, many out of abject fear for their very safety.

In a recent news article there was a request for comments regarding the latest school board election, a member of the community therein stated: “Save us Burky, save us.” We can now openly recite a revision to that statement: ‘Save us Burky and Ruscal, please in God’s name, save us!’


Note: All opinions expressed in the “Primal Scream” column are those of the writer and not necessarily those of the Vallejo Independent Bulletin.

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  1. January 30, 2015 @ 4:52 pm decentamerican

    Give him a break….

    he had to wait and fight, so much, for being such a young person, to receive this well deserved honor to serve Vallejo School District.

    People 2 to 3 times his age, fumbled, made huge and embarrassing mistakes and stalled ….when it was so easy to decide to pick the next highest vote getter BY THE PEOPLE who voted and declare him the candidate…..

    He needs to send his shock waves to the old “girls network” and let fairness, justice and talent speak for itself.

    Ruscal is entitled for EQUAL, if not MORE mistakes and errors, that BISHOP, UBalde, VERDER-ALIGA, or the most controversial HAZEL may have made in their 4 to 10 years of tenure. Older adults have made sometimes, too costly mistakes, trying to hold their control and authority.

    IT IS TIME TO LET IT GO, AND LET NEW LEADERS SHAPE VALLEJO SCHOOL’S DESTINY in collaboration with the students, teachers and the staff. Thank you…..May GAod Bless Ruscal and help him do the right things and his best, ALWAYS.


  2. January 30, 2015 @ 4:57 pm Ben

    Could this be part of the enlightenment of Vallejo that started with a group of people who in 2010 decided enough was enough both in the city of vallejo and the school board? Time and property values will tell. The rest of us can only hope.


  3. January 30, 2015 @ 10:12 pm worthlessbishop

    I have high hopes for Ruscal, but I also had high hopes for Adrienne. Ramona is very effective at getting people on her side. Ruscal, please talk to teachers currently working in the classroom as well as those who have retired and if possible, any that have left within the last few years. This district and board have blatantly ignored teacher assaults. Teachers have been told not to call the police and even when they do are told by the police that basically unless there is blood, they won’t investigate. Ramona is the absolute worst thing that has happened to VCUSD. Someone needs to help her pack her boxes so she can leave.


  4. January 31, 2015 @ 7:30 am Bong Hit

    Yes indeed, best of luck Ruscal! You’ll notice that many people have advice for you, including me. At the end of the day you will have served the school district just by showing up to the meetings and donating as much time as your schedule will allow for a job that does not pay anything. This is a huge challenge for all working age people but the children and parents who must attend schools in this this dysfunctional district will be eternally grateful for you efforts.

    It’s important to understand the basics of what’s going on here. In a nut shell, black people in this country are in deep, deep trouble as are other populations of poor people. Our black citizens have a unique challenge based on their relatively recent emergence from slavery. Politicians and concerned citizens are trying any and everything they can to help close the achievement “gap” in public education. One of the approaches that Ramona and her administration are trying is to lower the standards of civil behavior and reduce the police calls for violent black kids who bully and disrupt the school grounds and classrooms. If you’re black and feeling the panic of watching your culture stagnate in the midst of an increasingly competitive world, you might be willing to lower standards to mask the behavior problems of black youth. The problem with this approach is all the innocent and well behaved children are denied their civil right to a safe, secure and effective educational setting.

    You must find a balance between political forces that on the one hand, seek to mask and hide the significant behavior problems of black youth and on the other hand look for ways to put measures back in place to restore the civil rights of the vast majority of children.


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