Dr. Porter: manifestly unqualified to be trusted with our children

Dear Richard,

I know you prefer to be called “Dr. Porter,” but considering that I have known you for almost 25 years, I feel comfortable calling you “Richard.” I was absolutely mortified when I heard that you were running for the Vallejo School Board. And while the fact that you are a Republican was a part of that, it was not the only (or even the main) reason.

I was a student at North Hills Christian School (NHCS) for 17 years (I started in preschool at 2 years of age in 1989 and I finished high school at age 19 because I was held back in first grade). This was all during your tenure as principal. I attended NHCS longer than anyone else in its entire history and I spent all 17 of those years with you. This makes me manifestly qualified to speak about your qualifications (or lack thereof) to serve on the School Board. And you, Dr. Porter, are seriously lacking in what is needed to be trusted with our children.

My time at NHCS ranks as the most unhappiest and miserable time of my life. And you saw this first hand Dr. Porter. The panic attacks I suffered from because of the grief you and your teachers inflicted upon me were so severe that you had to hold me down while waiting for the ambulance to subdue me.

I was taught, by you and others, that being gay was the worst thing on earth and would lead to my eternal damnation. Because of what you taught me, I prayed every day and night to God for a healing that never came and an acceptance that was elusive. Assuming no gay people were in your presence, you and those working for you consistently preached how horrible the homosexuals were and how they were responsible for the downfall of society. You were talking about me when you said these things. I was only a child and I was alone and defenseless.

Dr. Porter, you stole my innocence and destroyed my childhood by making me believe I was less than human and unworthy of even the most basic human rights. You did all of this while you were tasked with protecting both. I do not believe you have changed, but maybe you have. So here are some questions to determine if you have turned from your past:

  1. In Bible class in early 2001, you stated that the Roman Empire was destroyed because it had too many Homosexuals and that America was heading in that direction. Do you still believe that I and the rest of Vallejo’s LGBT community (which is one of the largest in the Bay Area FYI) will destroy America?

  2. The policies put in place at NHCS during your tenure mandated expulsion for students engaged in homosexuality. Will you work to expel students engaged in homosexuality in the VCUSD? Will you punish students like Rochelle Hamilton who was bullied because she was gay for being gay? Would you have advocated for my expulsion from NHCS if you knew I was gay?

  3. At NHCS, you were instrumental in putting the 2000 version of the “Baptist Faith and Message” into the mission statement. This document stated that “Wives are to submit graciously to their husbands.” During my tenure at NHCS, female students were taught many times that they would need to submit to their husbands. Do you still believe that women must submit to their husbands?

  4. On November 3, 2004 (the day after Election Day), you told me that it was impossible to be a Christian and a Democrat because Democrats support Abortion, which is murder. Do you still believe that Democrats cannot be Christians and that Abortion is murder?

  5. You advocated abstinence-only education during your tenure at North Hills. Will you work to dismantle the sex education that is currently in the schools? Do you support comprehensive sex education?

  6. You were an advocate of creationism, the belief that the earth and all that is in it was created in essentially its present from less than 10,000 years ago. This contradicts all that we know about the earth and the overwhelming consensus of every legitimate scientist on earth. Would you work to put creationism in our schools?

  7. During your tenure at NHCS, the school used textbooks that were from A Beka and Bob Jones University (BJU). BJU did not allow interracial dating on its campus until 2000 (2000 A.D., not B.C.). These textbooks were rejected by the University of California system, which viewed courses that used these books as not appropriate for College prep courses. The Federal Courts sided with the UC is finding that these textbooks were not appropriate for education that prepared one for college. Will you advocate the use of textbooks from a source that has been found to be inadequate by the UC system and the Federal Courts in our Schools?

Richard, the voters have every right to know where you stand on these issues since you are asking them to trust you with an elected position. Your stance on these and many other issues makes you manifestly unqualified to be trusted with our children. You were trusted with me it very nearly destroyed me.

Your views on the LGBT community and women represent an era long since passed and a culture long since evolved. Vallejo cannot afford to have someone on the School Board who will further the Republican War on Women and take us back to 1954. Based on my extensive experience with you, I can say with more certainty than I have ever had on any other subject that you are wrong for the School board and wrong for Vallejo.


Stephen Hallett

 Note: All opinions expressed in the “Primal Scream” column are those of the writer and not necessarily those of the Vallejo Independent Bulletin.

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  1. August 9, 2014 @ 4:32 pm Salty Dog

    @Stephen and Richard:

    As a retired certified educator and M Ed. in Administrative Leadership, I spent twelve years as a school trustee and four years as a Chairman in a northern British Columbia school district so I feel I have some legitimacy in commenting.

    Public Education is just that- public and representative of a plurality of values in a pluralistic society.And more specifically, there is a plurality of student learning styles and rate of learning. Thus, any learning environment needs to be established that recognizes, develops and fosters these basic truths.

    Too often individuals decide to run for office with nothing other than a vague notion of “making a difference” without detailing what difference and in what way. It isn’t good enough to promise an invocation of order, or a particular SAT achievement, or a particular moral behavior that runs roughshod over mainstream values. Nor is it good enough to promise that the beans will be efficiently counted (that is an important but minor trustee consideration). Trustees are guardians of the children and that presupposes that a trustee understands what is best for kids and understands the proper and best environment for learning to occur.

    Dr Porter, coming from a private school environment does not seem to be a good fit in public education leadership. In fact, in making that transition he would, by definition, have to jettison his private school tenets in favor of pluralistic values. He would have to talk a good talk to convince me of that ability, given your review above.

    By the way, in my old conservative school district, as Chairman, I defended the library acquisition of three same sex books(One called “One Dad-Two Dads). We held some very hot meetings, but we were able to develop a policy. At a subsequent election, I was defeated for the stand I took. Even in defeat, I still believe that the plurality of public education must, if only symbolic, be acknowledged by the guardians.


    • August 9, 2014 @ 8:16 pm Wharf rat

      Well stated Salt , seems that Steven was both tourtured and became a victim of blatent human rights violations. . Speaking of the guardians , one must wonder just why He was Conscripted to this School , all while with bad outcomes , and abusive Adminastrators ?? .. I can only hope He recovers some ellements of his Childhood , to infill those that have been lost … We do not need any Zealots to influence our Children
      Rather just quality Educators to teach them how to learn , as this is the Essence of Education !!!


  2. August 9, 2014 @ 10:24 pm Sophie

    Thank you, Stephen, for your heartfelt writing and explicit, hard-hitting questions for which this voter demands answers before the election. And as a woman, thank you for calling out the blatant misogyny these sanctimonious bible-thumping cavemen keep showing. Yes, their attacks on homosexuality is more vicious and cruel, but their “war on women” is also vicious, they just cloak it a little better now. Nobody with beliefs like this Dr. Porter should get anywhere near our children, let alone setting policies regarding their education. What is happening to our country?


  3. August 9, 2014 @ 10:58 pm Salty Dog


    You state this about Dr Porter’s beliefs:

    “In Bible class in early 2001, you stated that the Roman Empire was destroyed because it had too many Homosexuals and that America was heading in that direction. Do you still believe that I and the rest of Vallejo’s LGBT community (which is one of the largest in the Bay Area FYI) will destroy America?

    Dr Porter’s premise is entirely false…a fairy tale (pun intended). Homosexuality was around long before the Roman Empire and during subsequent empires. The Roman economic structure was based on the development of the latifundium (plantation) and its strength required much slave labor to exist and grow. The expansion of Empire provided a constant new sources of labor to replace the non-reproducing slave stock. When expansion reached its limit and with fewer replacement slaves, the Empire went into decline. Later, Spain adopted the Roman latifundia system in the new world where few large landowners established plantations, and the resulting disparity between rich and poor is still evident today in Latin America, even after Revolution,land reform and industrialization.

    The growth and decline of empire(s) bares no correlation to the incidence of homosexuality. To suggest such is to be ignorant of the facts and a malicious use of counter factuals to promote an agenda.


  4. August 10, 2014 @ 3:45 pm Vallejo4Vallejo

    There are three Solano County Grand Jury reports regarding the violence, assaults, fights, fear and other safety issues within Vallejo schools. There are reports of teachers being beaten by students, student assaults, inappropriate language such as ‘MF’ and ‘Nigger’ (usually Blacks addressing other Blacks) sex on campus; allegedly in two cases at Franklin Middle School and indeed Vallejo High School there were rapes that were covered up and squelched by the current school board. Yet the public remained blissfully unaware!

    Please vote out both incumbents running for the school board in November: Anthony Ubalde and Hazel Wilson. Perhaps Dr. Porter is not a good fit, but we need new voices of respect, accountability and increased structure. Please look very carefully at the remaining upcoming candidates: Cayangyang, Lewis, Loughmiller, Putan and Worel. We must choose three of these people to replace the current people on the school board. The fate of Vallejo, children, quality of life and property values lies within our reach. But we must vote for change!

    It is possibly apparent that the Filipino block vote will go to Filipino candidates only: Cayangyang, Putan and Ubalde. But let us all look carefully and vote for the most qualified, and the most competent candidates. We can overcome the block voters and make the necessary changes to improve Vallejo, but we must make a concerted effort to do so. Please encourage those who are not yet registered to vote, to stop by the Farmer’s Market to register in time for the November 4th election. It is imperative that all voices are heard. Thank you Stephen for illuminating the behavior of Dr. Porter – it is critical that we are all informed. It would appear that he did much damage to your psyche, and for that I (for one of probably many) am deeply saddened!


    • August 10, 2014 @ 6:04 pm Anonymous

      Quote: “It is possibly apparent that the Filipino block vote will go to Filipino candidates only: Cayangyang, Putan and Ubalde.”

      The Fil-Am voting bloc worked for Malgapo and Verder-Aliga. That set the precedent as the Vallejo Fil-Ams now know see power shift in Vallejo, and that they have the power to put their own into office, regardless of qualifications. It is highly likely that Cayangyang, Putan and Ubalde, will take advantage of that fact.


    • August 11, 2014 @ 6:37 am Bong Hit

      Change can not happen with the far left, liberal mindset of the community. We’ve seen this for more than 40 years. This mindset is so dysfunctional that even embezzlement and criminal tampering with multimillion dollar taxpayer budgets yields no criminal charges. The public schools are doomed unless there is a titanic shift in the politics of this region and that ain’t gonna happen.


  5. August 10, 2014 @ 10:54 pm Julius

    You all are giving way more power to this “Fil-Am voting block” than it has. Sure, they want people to think they have that power. Perceived power becomes real power eventually. Sunga won because of union/GOB/Fil-Am combo. Verder Aliga and Malgapo won because of the Fil-Am/Jump Back combo. Sampayan won because of the former majority supporters (a combo of many). The Fil-Ams barely acknowledged him until they saw he could actually win. Then they jumped on board and acted as if they elected him. Yes, they have a block of votes. But they can’t elect people on their own. They need other groups to get their people in.


    • August 11, 2014 @ 11:40 am Numberman

      Correct. While the Filipino community constitutes nearly a fifth of the populace, the voting shows that less than 5% vote. There are somewhere between 1000 and 1500 votes within the Filipino voter block. Not enough to elect anyone on their own.


  6. August 11, 2014 @ 2:06 pm Salty Dog

    When you equate public school governance to politics, or race distinctions or ethnic differences or election blocs that are common (and even legitimized) in municipal governance you are doing a disservice to public education and all children it is designed to serve. That is not to say that it does not happen. But this political debasement/distraction should not be any part of a potentially “qualified” candidate resume.

    A school board’s primary mandate in public education is the educational/learning welfare of ALL students. And that transcends politics/race/ethnicity which is more concerned with who gets what and more prevalent, sadly, in other local governance organizations.

    Look for candidates who understand this and understand policy making that will unlock educational leadership in the many talented professionals engaged each day in providing a learning environment for EACH child in their guardianship.

    What is left for aspiring candidates is to demonstrate a commitment to a safe, secure,inviting and nurturing environment for EVERY public education student and where policy development never veers from these central tenets of public education. If they can’t convincingly articulate that commitment, they are unsuitable public servants.

    Question your candidates closely for a commitment to the primary tenets of public education. The “beans and the bean counters” are inconsequential; the politics of race/ethnicity is a distraction, in such a grave generational enterprise. IMO.


  7. August 17, 2014 @ 11:04 am rocketman

    Well, the long diatribes against Porter are certainly telling. But one of them does get to the crux of the question about abortion and the absurd, so-called ‘war on women’. The wishful thinking is presented forcefully that abortion is NOT murder. This is, of course, absolutely crucial to the pro-choice movement, for the thought that it is NOT murder is what permits the pro-choicers to continue to live free in American society, to engage in the massive personal attacks they perpetrate against anyone who has a different view of things, rather than spend years in lockups around the country. Whether abortion is murder or not is the enabling question, and it is interesting that such a vicious and even bloodthirsty social movement is dependent on such a tenuous and dubious argument, one based on wishful thinking.


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