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Coalition Meets with Mayor on Cannabis

By Lani Cleveland — President- Vallejo Patient’s Coalition The Vallejo Patient’s Coalition recently met with Mayor Osby Davis to discuss the medical cannabis quagmire the city of Vallejo is currently in.  As representatives of the patients of this community we had a number of questions and concerns to present to the mayor and he did his…


Students Call for Safety at Jesse Bethel High School

This morning, Jesse Bethel High School students Kaitlyn Dart, Carin Cheney, Melissa Wood and Edward Coulier were positioned along the Ascot Parkway across from the school. The four are calling for improved safety in the wake of the recent fatal shooing of classmate Max Rusk near the school. A number of campus issues were mentioned…


It’s Not Just About A Pool Table

By Sharon McGriff Payne How does a city move forward when it continues to cling to its past? It’s the question we Vallejoans are grappling with as our population grows older and browner. And nowhere is that question more important than at Vallejo’s only senior center, The Florence Douglas Senior Center. A sobering reminder of…

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