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by Billy Goat Yesterday there was a shooting in the laundry room of an apartment building a couple blocks away. A neighbor heard the news on a scanner, and called to tell me the shooter was on the loose. Cop cars with sirens came flying over the hill, and soon an ambulance went back the…


NextDoor To The Absurd

By Brandon Sanders (a.k.a…This is why we can’t have nice things.) Notice – This is a rant by what you will surely consider to be a disgruntled, ex-member of NextDoor. One of the fallen. We are legion. If you lack the ability to rationally analyze what others express, cannot verify information with your own research,…



3/23/15 – The following press release was issued by: Maurice Solis, Co-founder of reLeaf Alternative Healing Anh Nguyen-Solis, reLeaf Alternatives Healing Kyndra Miller, Cannabusiness Law Community Rally Against City of Vallejo’s imposed shutdown of all Cannabis dispensaries VALLEJO, CA— A community rally to protest the unjust closure and regulatory changes imposed against legally operating medical marijuana dispensaries…


Whirling Flame Takes over the Street

3/23/15 — Whilrlng fire entertained and dazzled guests at The Feast of the Tentacle held this past Saturday at Vallejo’s Obtainium Works studio on Pennsylvania St. as part of a 4 year anniversary celebration of Vallejo’s Steam Punk enclave and to honor Cthulu, one of the Elder Gods of H.P. Lovecraft. And if you have no…


Florence Douglas Senior Center Communtiy Meeting — 3/19/15

3/20/15 — Yesterday a community meeting was held to discuss the ongoing issues at Vallejo’s Florence Douglas Senior Center. The removal of a pool table by center director Peter Wilson (dubbed PoolTableGate) has spurred an eruption of continuing discontent over transparency and governance at the center. Approximately 60 people attended yesterday’s meeting at the GVRD…


Vallejo Set to Waste Millions Fighting Medical Marijuana — Primal Scream

From the blog of James Anthony, Medical Cannabis Dispensary (MCD) Lawyer:   Next week Tuesday 3/24, the Vallejo City Council will waste over $2 million dollars on an issue that is not a major priority—and that should be making money for the City, not costing it. Medical marijuana dispensaries are not a priority issue on anyone’s list in Vallejo. There are…


Housing Element Ignores Consequences of Warehousing Vallejo’s Poor — Bureaucrats Ready to Jam in More Subsidized Units

The city of Vallejo 2015/23 Housing Elements Update is attached. This is a critical document about our housing needs and proposed actions that I would urge you to review. Below is the tentative schedule of meetings: Planning Commission Study Session:  March 23, 2015 Planning Commission Public Hearing:  April 6, 2015 City Council Public Hearing #1:  April…


Going…Going…Gong Show Tryouts End in Chaos

The Going…Going… Gong Show is headed to Vallejo’s Empress Theatre Saturday March 14. Sunday’s final round of tryouts ended in chaos and destruction when an unruly and as yet unidentified Unknown Comic refused to leave the stage and had to be removed forcibly. Local stage actress Susan George had a fall during the pursuit, but…

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