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By Joanne Schivley, past Vallejo City Councilmember   The following text for Measure A is from the 1997 ballot per the Secretary of State’s website: TABLE 1.2 TEXT FOR SCHOOL DISTRICT BALLOT MEASURES BY COUNTY, 1997 SOLANO 3/4/97 Vallejo City Unified Measure A Pass (2/3 required) To provide funds to upgrade classrooms for modern technology;…



By Robert Schussel, Ph.D   Purpose To provide a better understanding of how much the Vallejo City Unified School District (VCUSD) spends on administrative salaries and overhead compared to other school districts in Solano County.   Background VCUSD is one of the larger school districts in Solano County. Although VCUSD until recently had been under…


Board Celebrates While Our District Goes Down in Flames

By Marianne Kearney-Brown – Director, WIT Academy   Recent letter writers have urged us to vote for the incumbent school board candidates, citing their integrity, hard work and compassion. However, as admirable as these people may be, Tony Ubalde and Hazel Wilson have not shown themselves to be successful at directing the course of the…


God, Homophobia and Our Public Schools

10/21/14 – By Marc Garman — How much is too much religion in our public schools? This is a question that has garnered a lot of attention in Vallejo. With the ACLU lawsuit over religiously motivated improper treatment received by a gay student and the subsequent ruling mandating additional training and an anti-bullying program it…


School District Managing to Pay Management

By Robert Schussel, Ph.D Purpose To compare the Management Pay of VCUSD (Vallejo City Unified School District) employees with those in other Solano County school districts. Background A frequent complaint of the critics of the VCUSD is that VCUSD Management is overpaid while teachers’ pay is not competitive. These critics also believe that the School…


Vallejo School Board Conditions Fail Vallejo

By Paula McConnell “I don’t have children in Vallejo schools, so I have not paid attention to any of this,” someone told me recently. Whether you have children in Vallejo schools or not, please know this: good families are leaving Vallejo every single day because of our low scoring and dangerous schools. Some families even…


Greens Endorse Cayangyang for School Board

By Victoria Ashley Council member, Green Party of Solano County Dear Editor, I’m writing to let you know that the Green Party of Solano County has endorsed Ruscal Cayangyang for Vallejo City Unified School District School Board. A questionnaire was sent to all school board candidates and those who submitted a response by the following meeting of the Solano…


To Bond or not to Bond

  By Jon Riley, Executive Director Napa-Solano Labor Coalition Vallejo Citizens are faced with a very difficult decision on Election Day.  Besides the Vallejo Unified School District Board Elections we are also being asked to vote to support a $250 Million Dollar Facilities Improvement Bond. If you are like most people in Vallejo you have…


Vallejo Cops Sue City — Big Payout Could Bankrupt Vallejo

By Marc Garman (with numbers help from Paul Norberg)   The Vallejo Police Officers Association is suing the City of Vallejo in Solano County Superior Court. Their complaint primarily seeks redress for cuts made to retiree medical benefits(among other things) during Vallejo’s Bankruptcy and asks the court to issue a writ of mandate to compel the…

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