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Fire at ALCO Recycling

8/22/14 — A fire started at ALCO Recycling located at 629 Azuar Drive Mare Island around 4:15PM – 4:30PM . The fire was confined to piles of recycled materials (including ground up appliances etc.) in the back lot of ALCO. No determination had been made yet whether the fire  started spontaneously or was due to arson.  Because the back…


Sunday Funny — Monkey Business

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Vallejo School District’s Unethical Conduct

Ethicalego (Kenneth Brooks) discusses current events from a critical thinking perspective rarely expressed elsewhere By Kenneth Brooks Vallejo City Unified School District (from now on “District”) employees engaged a policy of deception and false statements in response to public record requests to prevent me from inspecting public records promptly at its headquarters according to law….


Bidou Appointed to Vallejo Police Chief Position

City Manager Daniel E. Keen announced today that Andrew Bidou has been appointed to the position of Police Chief, effective October 4, 2014. Bidou has over 24 years of experience in policing, beginning his career in the City of Newark, California where he rose from the ranks of Police Officer to Captain over a span…


Vallejo Schools Cannot Ignore their Adult Students

By Marty Stockard – former GED teacher Vallejo Adult School 8/11/14   As the school district with the lowest graduation rate in the county, Vallejo has an obligation to not only increase the high school graduation rate, but also to provide a better “second chance” to its citizens as an investment in the city’s future….


Abandoned Barracks Burn on Mare Island

Yesterday a long abandoned barracks on the North end of Mare Island burned.  According to public safety personnel, the fire was likely started by homeless squatters inside the building. There is no indication that anyone remained inside at the time of the fire. Abandoned structures on Mare Island have been a long standing issue however,…


Devastating Crash Destroys Truck 21

12:13 PM — Here is video from the scene of the crash of VFD Truck 21 at the corner of Pennsylvania and Sonoma. Video includes short press conference given by Vallejo Police Lieutenant Sid DeJesus around 10:30 PM. Just rough footage.       10:44 PM — Vallejo Ladder Truck 21 is destroyed. Fortunately no firefighters…

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