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U.S. Department of Defense attacks tight-curly hairstyles.

Ethicalego (Kenneth Brooks) discusses current events from a critical thinking perspective rarely expressed elsewhere By Kenneth Brooks The U.S Navy discharged a sailor for refusing to cut off her natural tight-curly hair or cover it with a wig. Jessica Sims had been a sailor for 12-years. She wore the same style since 2005 without problems. However,…


Postpone the PB Vote

Dear Vallejo City Council : We all feel the suffering from the mixed damage across the city homes and businesses/churches from the weekend’s earthquake. The people of vallejo stand by their Mayor & Manager/Council at times of need to mobilize, coordinate and assist various gallant people who are bringing relief and safety. We all pray…


First Baptist Church RED TAGGED

The First Baptist Church on Sonoma Blvd. between Capitol and Carolina Streets has been red tagged due to structural damage to the bell tower. Visible cracks in the masonry pose a considerable risk of collapse and has prompted the closure of Sonoma Blvd. Action to remove the top of the structure may begin as early…


436 Georgia St. Teetering on Brink of Collapse

  8/24/14 — 4:55 PM — The Building at 436 Georgia St. in downtown Vallejo suffered structural damage and a partial internal collapse during this morning’s 6.0 quake. The building, formerly Crowley’s Depart Store is four stories tall and constructed of unreinforced masonry. The west side wall which is adjacent to the apartment complex at…

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