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Gunfire Flares around Marina Vista Apartments AGAIN

 Complex at 201 Maine St. continues to live up to reputation as crime magnet   By Marc Garman – with photos by Angelo Paparazzi 7/17/14 – Last night at approximately 9 PM, gunfire from the vicinity of the Marina Vista Apartments at 201 Maine St. hit the mixed use building at 301 Pennsylvania directly across…


Sunday Funny – 7/13/14

  The sidewalk ordinance is still lurking! Find out more or sign the petition if you wish: city-staff-reject-the-current-draft-of-the-ordinance-of-the-city- council-of-the-city-of-vallejo-concerning-the-maintenance-of-sidewalks? share_id=KDbTTbJHav&utm_campaign=autopublish&utm_medium= facebook&utm_source=share_petition   The Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by  any editorial contributor are not necessarily those of The Vallejo Independent Bulletin, it’s successors, assigns, associates, minions, fan club, purveyors or members of the VIB Ghost…


The Truth about the Fairgrounds

By Dan Levin 7/10/14 The fairgrounds project, officially known as Solano360, is about to enter its sixth year. Yet it’s hardly talked about anymore. Given that the County Board of Supervisors has spent about $5 million on the project, the public deserves to know what’s going on. For a brief time, before last November’s election,…


July 8 Vallejo City Council Podcast

7/9/14  The VIB News Attack  is back for the July 8 meeting of  the Vallejo City Council with Anne Carr and Marc Garman. In this episode, we discuss meeting highlights, what’s going on in the city and we answer several burning questions: Why is councilmember Verder-Aliga causing Anne Carr to wear a palm shaped furrow in…


July 4, 2014 — Pictures by Garmani & Now Paparazzi

Here are some pics from this past July 4th weekend. Includes the parade, Bathtub Regatta and a bit of the fireworks shot from the Coal Sheds on Mare Island. Courtesy of the photographic house of Garmani. The next round from the esteemed Angelo Paparazzi will be up shortly. Enjoy! Viewing with Android? View here:…


Vallejo doesn’t need more division

7/5/14 By:  United Democrats of Southern Solano CountyBayard Rustin LGBT Democratic Club of Napa and Solano CountiesBetter Vallejo   Editors: In Napa, the 4th of July Parade became the subject of controversy when the person selected for parade grand marshal made inflammatory, anti-gay statements. An inclusive and uniting resolution was brought about. Heartfelt apologies were…

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