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Onward and Upward – A word from the editor

6/23/14 Marc Garman – Editor Vallejo Independent Bulletin   Welcome to the new Vallejo Independent Bulletin. We are back and better than ever with a new more convenient layout, more features and a more secure platform than our previous incarnation. As you may have noticed we have a new location (vibvallejo.com) on the web; however,…

The Obtainium Cup is Coming!!!

The Obtainium Cup is Coming!!!

The Obtainium Cup is coming to Mare Island 6/22/14 — The Obtainium Cup Contraptor’s Rally is coming to Mare Island on July 27. Not to be missed!! Here is the new TV spot shot and cut by yours truly (Marc Garman) Featuring  Featuring Shannon O’Hare, Victor John, Trevor Allen, Caroline Miller (Lowen at 1 month!), Josh Hitchcock, Horatio Birdbath, Kimric Smythe, Liam McNamara, and with special help…


The Elephant in the Room and the Golden Rule

The Elephant in the Room and the Golden Rule By Tim Heimstra 6/19/14    Mayor Davis allowed for an open forum inviting anyone to step up to the podium and share concerns within the community.  My heart became heavy with sorrow when a homeless man (Mr. Smith) humbly went to the podium to share his frustration…

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